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X Changes in Nevada Build 37

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Unfortunately, all the changes in this build happened to be in the bits we haven't released yet (though I'm hoping to get our xscreensaver sources out sometime soon), so I can't point you at the changes in our just released source drop, but when the Solaris Express build 37 images come out, you should see these changes in the binaries.

6377194 XST extension wrapping makes the Composite and Damage wrapping not work
In the X server, many extensions do their work by replacing entries in tables of function pointers with their own functions, that do some work, then call the previous functions. Our colleagues in the Project Looking Glass team found that the XST extension (from the STSF project) had installed several of these function wrappers in a way that broke the similar wrappers from other extensions. Since we're in the process of removing STSF from the system, these wrappers were disabled to allow these other extensions to work.
6255133 SunRay: Xinerama: memory leak in Xsun after calling XCreatePixmap(3X11)
The Xinerama extension allows combining multiple graphics devices into one large virtual screen. One of the things it does to allow this is to make a separate copy of every pixmap in the X server for each underlying device, so that different cards can operate on it in the most efficient way for them or store it in their on-board memory. For Sun Ray systems though, where all devices are always the same, and all pixmaps are just stored in the main system RAM, this duplication wastes RAM and CPU time (since all operations have to be repeated for each copy), so we allowed an Xsun ddx module to notify the system that it can share copies. A bug crept in though, where this wasn't registered correctly with the list of resources to be freed when the client exited, so clients that exited without releasing their pixmaps caused Xsun to leak memory. (This is also being patched for Solaris 9 and 10 Xsun.)
6232241 NSCM login takes username twice
The never ending struggle to get xscreensaver's PAM conversation to play nicely with Sun Ray's Non-SmartCard Session Mobility PAM modules goes on. Fortunately, Mahmood has been working on this, so I don't understand this enough to explain it.
6388473 xscreensaver needs to be modified for Trusted JDS
As part of the work to create a Trusted JDS desktop for the Solaris Trusted Extensions, xscreensaver had to be modified to allow admins to enforce system security policies, including deciding whether or not users can disable the screen lock or change the lock timeout, when running on a system with the Trusted Extensions installed and enabled.

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