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X Changes in Nevada Build 35

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Not as much in this build as there was in build 34, but then almost everyone who works on the X source trees in Solaris was at the X.Org Developer's Conference for half of the two-week build cycle for build 35.

6303855 ATI driver performance is poor
The ATI Rage XL chip in the Ultra 20 is not exactly a speed demon. Edward from our x86 team noticed that a big part of the slowness was due to reading back pixmaps across the PCI-33 bus from the VRAM and proposed a fix - you can see his fix in X.Org Bug Report #5867. (If you want a speed demon, the Ultra 20 is offered with a selection of nVidia Quadro cards.)
6358930 Japanese keyboard should work even if XkbModel/jp106 and XkbLayout/jp are specified in xorg.conf.
A simple fix to our Japanese XKB rules from Sun's Japanese localization group to make non-Sun and Sun Japanese keyboards work the same way.
6385111 Xorg auto-configuration Improvement
As Stuart talked about at the X Developer's Conference, one of our big projects in the X group at Sun is improving Xorg configuration, especially automatically detecting the correct hardware settings. This is one step in that process, improving monitor detection, as described in X.Org Bug Report #5892.

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