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X Changes in Nevada Build 34

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

I always say I never have anything worth blogging about, and then I find the stuff I consider trivial gathers interest. For example, every two weeks I've been updating the Solaris Nevada X Consolidation ChangeLogs at OpenSolaris.org, but didn't post much about them here. As an experiment, this week I'll post the change list here as well, with some brief comments where I can (remember - I'm just one of a group of people working on this stuff, and I don't know all the details of what everyone else is doing, so apologies if I skimp on some details or get them wrong).

6365777 libfontconfig should not use fopen/stdio routines
Import to our fontconfig builds the fix from fontconfig CVS to use open() instead of fopen() to get around the Solaris 256-fd limit in stdio.
6376462 Xsun needs -br option
Port the Xorg option to change the default background from the grey root weave to a solid black screen, for less flashing when going from a graphical kernel boot into the X server startup.
6358266 Three xserver packages failed while upgrading to build 29 ( Sparc and intel )
For internal testing purposes, we have a script to pkgrm the old X packages and pkgadd the new ones. This script had to be modified to svcadm disable the X services before the pkgrm to work around bugs in some of the older X package revs so that the pkgrm could complete successfully.
6368334 common postscript-derived font names are no longer recognized
Xsun has long recognized an alternative syntax for font names that look like PostScript style font names. Xorg doesn't special case this in code but just adds aliases - but we didn't add those aliases when integrating Xorg so some software that used those names started to fail. This fix added the missing aliases to our font.aliases files.
5099951 Fonts (in particular Lucida Sans Typewriter) look terrible in JDS
Continuing progress in Jay Hobson's work to improve the quality of font display in the GNOME desktop. You can see some of the effects of this already in the current Solaris Express releases.
6308859 [s10u1] xscreensaver: password lock dialog is not localized
The GTK-based unlock dialog Solaris uses for xscreensaver was failing to call gettext() to get localized versions of various strings, so these calls were added.
6378204 Xsun splash screen graphics not in line with unified "coolstart" branding
Sun's User Experience Design team has been working with the various product groups to unify and update the look of various software pieces so it all looks like it's from the same place and fits with the "S curve" theme used in all of Sun's ads, web sites and products now. This is the Xsun splash screen update to the new graphics - you can already see the JDS changes in build 33, and more changes are coming to other parts of the system in future builds.
6380709 Xsun doesn't honor xhost +si:* on unix socket or named pipe connections
See my previous post on this one.
6380620 X11(5) lists sawfish(1) as GNOME window manager
Oops - forgot to update that when Sun's GNOME builds switched from sawfish to Metacity. While we were updating, also brought in the latest changes from X.Org, added gdm2 to the list of ways to start X on Solaris, and replaced xon with ssh -X as the recommended way of starting a remote X client.
6355580 fonts.conf need to be updated with Kacst fonts
New Arabic fonts being added to Solaris needed to be added to the fonts.conf Sans, Serif, & Monospace aliases
6377618 Need OpenGL vendor switching support
This clears one of the hurdles to getting the nVidia Accelerated Graphics Driver included in Solaris - providing a way to have the system use nVidia's libGL when it detects the nVidia kernel driver is loaded, and Mesa's libGL otherwise.
6245431 Xorg fails with no mouse connected
Previously if Xorg did not find a mouse at startup, it would start with none, and fail to recognize mice hotplugged later - this changes it to go ahead and open /dev/mouse anyway, so that hotplugging the mouse (or switching to it on your USB kvm) later will work as expected.
6376708 Update nv Xorg driver to Jan-2006 version
Mark Vojkovich added support for some new nVidia chipsets (follow the bug link for the list) to XFree86, and Aaron Platner integrated that to X.Org CVS - this just pulls in those changes.
6379980 Xorg: fatal: theatre_drv.so: open failed: No such file or directory
Some of the modules for TV ports on ATI cards were linked incorrectly in Solaris and caused Xorg to exit when it detected the right hardware and tried to use that module.
6339635 mesa GLU/GLw locations should be consistent with SPARC
Symlinks were added so that the GL libraries could be found in the same places on SPARC & x86 to ease porting software.

(This was a much bigger batch of changes than usual for some reason - not sure why, though code freeze was just before the X.Org Developer's Conference so maybe we were just trying to get everything checked in early so we wouldn't have to worry about it during the conference.)

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