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Who or what is Solaris CAT?

James McPherson
Principal Software Engineer
Solaris CAT is a crash analysis tool (C.A.T, get it?) that a small team of dedicated engineers in Sun's Support Services kernel team have been developing over the past 10 years. It's been available internally for ages, and with the 4.0 release we got the go-ahead to provide it to you, our customers, via SDLC.
We've also got version 4.1 on SDLC but that doesn't support Solaris 10.
We've had a few hiccups along the path to getting 4.2 out for you and we also branched to start a 5.0 series. The 5.0 series will also contain support for machines running Solaris 10 and Solaris Nevada. That Solaris 10 / Nevada support includes x86 and x64/amd64 too, btw.
Let me say now, no, we're not going to provide x86 support for Solaris releases prior to Solaris 10. The engineering work involved is too large for a volunteer team such as ourselves to do in addition to our day jobs. Believe me, we've tried. In fact, the x86 porting effort first got started in 2001 but never really made any headway until late in 2003 when Solaris 10 unified a whole heap of kernel interfaces and structures.
More news when there's stuff that's fit to print.... and don't forget there'll be film at 11.

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