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Where have I heard this before?

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Catching up on some blog feeds this weekend, I followed a link from Havoc Pennington's blog to this post on fedora-devel-list about investigating boot and desktop load time.

While there does appear to be some interesting insight into the process and speeding up the loading of the interesting files, my attention was particularly drawn to
this suggestion for improvement:

d. The whole init(1) procedure seems dated; perhaps something more
modern built on top of D-BUS is the right choice - SystemServices
by Seth Nickell comes to mind [1]. Ideally services to be started
would have dependencies such as 1) don't start the gdm service
before /usr/bin/gdm is available; 2) the SSH service would only
be active when NetworkManager says there is a network connection;
/usr from LABEL=/usr would only be mounted when there is a volume
with that label and so forth. Also, such a system would of course
have support for LSB init scripts.

hmm...the basic ideas sound strangely familiar for some reason...

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