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What programmers look like...

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Apparently, programmers look like me & Gary, according the Flickr title Alec put on the snapshot of us in his photos from last week's Sun Security Ambassador beerbash. At least I didn't get caught in a funny hat like the distinguished gentleman to our right (who was actually only a couple feet to our right when the photo was taken):

There's nothing like realizing you're surrounded by one of the inventors of public-key crypto and the architects of Trusted Solaris, having your photo taken by the developer of Crack, to make a X guy feel like he stepped into the wrong party. Though I wasn't feeling out of place for long, since just before Jim came down the hall and summoned me with the magic words “Free Beer” I had been working on the putback for the Xorg 7.2 vs. Trusted Extensions bug I'd been working on most of the week, so was answering questions about that, and then I got to meet a whole bunch of people who responded with “Oh! I know your posts on the [Sun internal] security-interest list.” In the end, I was once again feeling lucky to be able to work with such an amazing collection of talented and friendly engineers.

[If you couldn't tell, I'm the one just starting to show grey in his beard - or the one who is in most need of a trip to the gym. Maybe I should try Gman's new workout plan.]

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