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What did I do to deserve this?

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I've spent a long 17.5 years working for a single company, Sun. I never ask for much, and try to give back and do the right things. So, what happened? How did I end up in charge of developing the worlds greatest clustering product set? I mean, how do you take a product this good, clearly beating the competition, and make it even better? This is the most frustrating part of my career, improve something great to leave an even greater mark. Sure, we've made some great progress since I've been here, including the two largest feature releases since the inception of this product, but that's never enough. Well, I think we're on the right track as Sun Cluster 3.2 and Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.2 are due out in December 06. These products push the feature richness bar out of sight. What features exactly you ask? Check back as the blog is updated by subject matter experts waxing poetic about some of their favorites. Clearly I must have done something right to deserve this, the Sun Cluster team is AWESOME!
For more product info, visit the Sun Cluster webpage .
Keith White
Director, Sun Cluster Engineering

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