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The UNIX® Standard Makes ISV Engineering’s Job Easier

Caryl Takvorian
Principal Software Engineer

at Oracle® ISV Engineering, we deal with hundreds of applications on a daily
basis. Most of them need to support multiple operating systems (OS) environments
including Oracle Solaris. These applications are from all types of diverse
industries – banking, communications, healthcare, gaming, and more. Each
application varies in size from dozens to hundreds of millions of lines of
code. A sample list of applications supporting Oracle Solaris 11 can be found

As we help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) support Oracle Solaris,
we understand the real value of standards. Oracle Solaris is UNIX certified and
conforms to the UNIX standard providing assurance of stable interfaces and APIs.
(NOTE: The UNIX standard is also inclusive of POSIX interface/API standard).  ISVs and application developers leverage these
stable interfaces/APIs to make it easier to port, maintain and support their
The stable
interfaces and APIs also reduce the overhead costs for ISVs as well as for
Oracle’s support of the ISVs – a win-win for all involved. ISVs can be
confident that the UNIX operating system, the robust foundation below their
application, won't change from release to release.

Solaris is unique in which it goes the
extra mile by providing a binary application guarantee since its 2.6 release.
Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee reflects the confidence in the
compatibility of applications from one release of Oracle Solaris to the next
and is designed to make re-qualification a thing of the past. If a binary
application runs on a release of Oracle Solaris 2.6 or later, including their
initial release and all updates, it will run on the later releases of Oracle
Solaris, including their initial releases, and all updates, even if the
application has not been recompiled for those latest releases. Binary
compatibility between releases of Oracle Solaris helps protect your long-term
investment in the development, training and maintenance of your applications.

It is important to note that the UNIX Standard does not restrict the
underlying implementation. This is key particularly because it allows Oracle Solaris
engineers to innovate "under the hood". Keeping the semantics and
behavior of system calls intact, Oracle Solaris software engineers deliver the benefits of improved features,
security performance, scalability, stability, etc. while not having a negative
impact on application developers using Oracle Solaris.

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