Shared Object Filters

Filters are a class of shared objects that are available with Solaris. These objects allow for the redirection of symbol bindings at runtime. They have been employed to provide standards interfaces and to allow the selection of optimized function implementations at runtime. For those of you unfamiliar with filters, here's an introduction, plus a glimpse of some new techniques available with Solaris 10. Filters can exist in two forms, standard filters and auxiliary filters. At...

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Tracing a link-edit

Since Solaris 2.0, the link-editors have provided a mechanism for tracing what they're doing. As this mechanism has been around for so long, plus I've used some small examples in previous postings, I figured most folks knew of its existence. I was reminded the other day that this isn't the case. For those of you unfamiliar with this tracing, here's an introduction, plus a glimpse of a new analysis tool available with Solaris 10. You can set the environment variable LD_DEBUG to...

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Toorcon 2004 Security Conference, San Diego

Toorcon 2004 Security Conference, San Diego, www.toorcon.org align="middle" border="0" /> Once again, I attended San Diego's annual hacker and Security Convention sponsored by a local hacker group. It's cheap ($60), tax-deductible, and convenient for me! (my time, my money). Disclaimers: These are my notes, so it has typos and isn't highly polished. I may have misinterpreted other people's words or ideas. Opinions here are not mine nor my employer. — Dan Here's the best of the...

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Icons for Gnome, CDE, or MS Windoz

I have some icons I converted or screen-scraped at http://dan.drydog.com/xicons/ Many or most of these are not public domain, so I would investigate their legal status if using for non-personal commercial use. Enjoy. Technorati Tag: Technorati Tag:

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Yosemite Valley website

Here's some information that's available on Yosemite Valley and surroundings on my webpage: FAQ with answers on Yosemite, including lodging, camping, and activities. Yosemite Forum, with questions and answers posted by several people, such as how to hike half dome or what campsite is the best. Yosemite Online Library. Books about Yosemite available online. Most are classics in the public domain. Carleton E. Watkins Photographs of Yosemite. Famous early landscape photographer.

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Californians: vote AGAINST a spammer for Senate

This November, Californians will have a rare opportunity to vote for or against a spammer. Do you enjoy spam? Then vote for Bill Jones for the U.S. Senate. Do you dislike spam? Then vote against Spam King Bill Jones for the U.S. Senate. Your choice :-) Technorati Tag:

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