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Runtime Token Expansion - some clarification

I recently came across a mail exchange where the following runtime linker error message was observed: illegal mode: potential multiple path expansion requires RTLD_FIRST The exchange, and a quick review of the documents, reveal that some explanation wouldn't go amiss. The runtime linker, ld.so.1, provides a number of tokens that can be used within dynamic linking string definitions. These string definitions can provide filters, dependencies and runpath information, and are...

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Solaris ZFS and Zones: Simple Example

The following is a simple example of creating a ZFS filesystem and using it to hold a newly-created Solaris Zone (Solaris Container). Zones are in Solaris 10 now. ZFS is a new filesystem in OpenSolaris that allows for large, more reliable filesystems. Tke three key advantages are: Simple administration Data integrity (64-bit checksums on data) Large capacity format for future growth (2\*\*128 512-byte block files). That's 256 quadrillion zettabytes. Other features are: Filesystem...

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South Park portrait

In the great tradition of many Sun bloggers, here's my South Park Portrait: width="262" height="262" border="0" alt="Dan Anderson" />

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War Dog walking for wireless access points

Trusty assistant servicing prototype antenna Most people reading this have probably heard of "wardriving," where somone drives around wtih a wifi laptop with a GPS looking for wireless "hotspots" (Access Points or APs). The results are typically uploaded to a website such as Wigle.net where one can view the APs on a map or chart. A few years ago, someone in San Diego tried "warflying " over San Diego. Well, out of curiosity I decided to try wardogwalking, walking my dog lookin...

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WikiMedia, PHP, MySQL, and Apache in Solaris 10

The following are notes on how to enable MediaWiki, PHP, MySQL, and Apache in Solaris 10. MediaWiki enables a Wiki using the same software as the WikiPedia encyclopedia that anyone can view and edit online. MediaWiki requires a PHP-enabled webserver and MySQL. Stock Solaris 10 comes with Apache and MySQL. PHP is installed from the Solaris Software Companion CD. MediaWiki consists of downloaded PHP scripts that use MySQL. The following details each step. MySQL MySQL is part of...

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A Very Slow Link-Edit - get the latest patch

A customer recently posted to the Dynamic Linking forum in regards to an awfully slow link-edit. A shared library, built from Sun Studio 10 with debugging (-g), was taking 20 minutes to link on Solaris. By comparison, the same link took 4-5 minutes on Linux, and 15 seconds on Windows. I got a copy of the objects and found that the link-edit was considerably faster on my desktop - less than a minute. This is no small link-edit. There are a number of very large input files,...

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