Using CUPS Print Server for Solaris 10

Life is too short for bad printer software align="right" alt="Screen shot of CUPS configuration menu at http://localhost:631/printers/" width="691" height="467" border="0" /> Ever used lpadmin? It's a big pain—command line oriented with little error checking. It's hard to use and has many options to get you into trouble. That's why I prefer CUPS, Common UNIX Printing System, which is used mostly on Linux and hasweb-based menus. The CUPS menus only present relevant options...

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Solaris laptop battery status

alt="Screen show showing batstat, apcipowertool and GNOME battery status" width="422" height="244" border="0" /> Screen shot of my IBM Thinkpad T-40 laptop running Solaris 10. It shows batstat, apcipowertool, and GNOME battery status. My old, miss-used 6-cell battery only lasts an hour, as you can see. My new 9-cell battery lasts 4 hours. Solaris does not have a battery status or monitor applet built-in, at least yet.However, thanks to Casper Dik and Darren Moffat, these...

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Mounting a Linux NFSv4 filesystem on Solaris

I've had a problem mounting a NFS filesystem on Solaris 10 from Linux 2.6 (SUSE 10.1). The NFSv4 filesystem was on a Linux server, and Solaris was the client where I was trying to mount. I got this error message: nfs mount: mount: /netdrive: Not owner The error message isn't helpful (it's because of the limited error codes in errno.h), but the problem is NFSv4 support is broken in Linux. There's two solutions for this: 1. Add this line to Solaris file /etc/default/nfs: NFS_CLIENT_V...

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The Signature Collection

Here's a collection I've been gathering of email signature tag lines. None are mine (I just keep it simple with two lines). However, here's ones I've saved over the years. I removed the names and addresses to protect the innocent. In UNIX, no one can hear you scream... \*veni, vedi, velcro\*"I came, I saw, I stuck around." /\\_/\\( o.o ) | Trust me, I know ) \^ ( | what I'm doing. ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,øThose who wanderare not always lost...ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,ø ...

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Displacement Relocation Warnings - what do they mean?

There have been a couple postings recently regarding relocation warnings that have been observed when using the link-editors -z verbose option. The first warning originates from building a shared object: ld: warning: relocation warning: R_SPARC_DISP32: file shared.o: \ symbol <unknown>: displacement relocation applied to the \ symbol __RTTI__1nEBase_: at 0x8: displacement relocation will \ not be visible in output image Then, if this shared object is referenced...

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Dynamic Object Versioning - specifying a version binding

After reading a previous posting on versioning, a developer asked how they could specify what version to bind to when they built their application. For example, from the version definitions within libelf.so.1: % pvs -d /lib/libelf.so.1 libelf.so.1; SUNW_1.5; SUNW_1.4; .... SUNWprivate_1.1; how could you restrict an application to only use the interfaces defined by SUNW_1.4. Note, version SUNW_1.4 inherits previous versions. The...

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