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Hardware Crypto

Die UltraSPARC T2 CPU ist mit der derzeit schnellsten Cryptoeinheit ausgestattet, die am Markt verfuegbar ist.  Die Vorteile liegen auf der Hand - Verschluesselung ohne CPU-Belastung und zum Nulltarif bedeutet auch, dass das Gesamtsystem deutlich robuster gegen DOS-Angriffe aller Art ist.  Und Verfuegbarkeit bedeutet Sicherheit.  Verstaendlich und erfreulich, dass das Interesse an diesen Features hoch ist, was wir an den immer haeufigeren Anfragen zu diesem Thema merken. Leide...

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Upgrading a Linux Server to OpenSolaris

align="right" width="300" height="400" border="0" alt="OpenSolaris GRUB boot screen" /> For years I've been using various Linux distributions for my home-based server (Web, FTP, NTP (time), DNS (name), SMB and NFS (file)). I didn't use Solaris because (1) the license used to cost $595 for commercial use and (2) it was missing many features found in Linux (mainly modern GNU/open source software). Now that OpenSolaris is available, I've decided to convert.The recent additions...

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Simple Live Upgrade Example For Fun and Profit

Live Upgrade Introduction Solaris Live Upgrade (LU) clones your root filesystem to allow Solaris upgrades while remaining booted on your original root filesystem. LU term "Boot Environment" (BE) refers to one or more bootable root filesystems. You need two slices to do this—your current root slice and an alternate root slice.OpenSolaris installation creates two 10GB partitions by default, if you have enough disk space. Slice 0 (a) has root and slice 3 (d) has "second_root",...

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Cooltuner 1.0.6 released

Am 19. November wurde die neue Version 1.0.6 des Cooltuners freigegeben. Neu dabei ist die Unterstuetzung der Niagara2 CPU. Fuer Administratoren, die gerne etwas tunen, ohne dabei staendig nach den aktuellen Best-Practices suchen zu wollen, die ideale Ergaenzung. Das Web-Interface, das seit 1.0.5 mit dabei ist,ist noch ein wenig Verbesserungsfaehig, aber die Integration in SMF und die Kontrolle ueber die Kommandozeile ist sauber realisiert und funktioniert zuverlaessig....

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Toorcon 9 Computer Security Conference (2007)

Toorcon is an annual computer security conference held in San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention Center on the Bay waterfront. I'm told it's a cross between Black Hat (expensive, formal) and Defcon (cheap, rowdy), on a smaller scale. Toorcon is also cheap and in my backyard. Toorcon has many of out-of-town visitors, many from greater LA and even the SF Bay area. There were two track sessions, so I didn't catch everything, and I didn't take notes for all sessions.The...

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