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Installing NetBeans 6.1

Last week I wrote an entry over on java.net on how to install NetBeans 6.1. The first step in that entry was an overcomplicated series of steps to install the JDK. I swear I first looked in the Package Manager, and was surprised to not find the JDK, but I must have just searched on "Java". Sure enough, as Gregg points out in Getting Java, searching on "JDK" does show all of the packages needed. Update: NetBeans 6.1 is now in the IPS repository. Here are the new installation...

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Getting Java

OpenSolaris 2008.05 includes the Java Runtime Environment, but not the full Java Development Kit (JDK).  It is easy enough to install it, however, from the opensolaris.org repository.  The key is to use the correct search term. Start the Package Manager by choosing System > Administration > Package Manager.  If you enter "java" into the search field, this is what you will see (click for full size): If you scroll through the list, you will not see an entry for the JDK.  If,...

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Updating OpenOffice

OpenOffice is not included in the base installation of OpenSolaris 2008.05 (there's only so much we can fit on a CD), however, it is available via the Package Manager, which I have gone ahead and installed. I know I have the latest version of OpenOffice (according to the Package Manager) because the Latest Version column is empty: However, when running an OpenOffice application, such as Impress, it informs me that there's even a newer version available:So naturally I click...

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Top 5 unsuccessful searches on OpenSolaris 2008.05

I read today notes from an OpenSolaris meeting where it was reported that the most common unsuccessful searches for OpenSolaris 2008.05 are following: 1- sudo 2- top 3- mplayer 4- vlc 5- mc As a relatively new user of OpenSolaris I also needed these packages - and found out that they are available, but you need to (re)search a bit. So let's take them one by one: 1. Sudo - OpenSolaris doesn't use sudo for executing processes with root privileges. However there isa similar command...

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The First Sighting

With the release of OpenSolaris 2008.05 we bring users this new blog on how to get the most out of the operating system available at opensolaris.com. We will use this space to help the growing community of OpenSolaris users with tips on installation, configuration, applications, etc. The Observatory is not just a blog aggregator. We will be providing original content and also scanning the web for other great tips. Ideally, The Observatorywill become a primary source of...

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Solaris Crash Analysis Tool 5.0 Release Notes

Are you sitting down?  We're very close to releasing Solaris CAT 5.0 to the public.  We're waiting for one more approval and we'll push it out.  The plan is to release the package at the end of June but I think we'll make mid-July. As an appetizer, here are the release notes for 5.0 so you can see what's coming. General x86/x64 Support The tool now supports the analysis of core dumps from Solaris 10 and above. Thisrequires that they are analyzed on an x86 or x64 system for 32...

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