Installing the Fast Ruby Debugger Engine (ruby-debug-ide)

To use the Fast Ruby Debugger with NetBeans you need to install the ruby-debug-ide gem (If you haven't installed Ruby, do that first). However, since that gem (among many others) uses native C extensions, gcc needs to be installed first: bleonard@opensolaris:~$ pfexec pkg install SUNWgccDOWNLOAD PKGS FILES XFER (MB)Completed 5/5 2078/2078 114.44/114.44PHASE ...

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Setting up Rails

Step 1: Get Ruby Open a terminal and install the Ruby package:  bleonard@opensolaris:~$ pfexec pkg install SUNWruby18DOWNLOAD PKGS FILES XFER (MB)Completed 3/3 11334/11334 18.84/18.84 PHASE ACTIONSRemoval Phase 7/7 Update Phase 57/57 Install Phase 13063/13063 bleon...

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Having NWAM under control

NWAM (Network Auto-Magic) is a daemon in OpenSolaris 2008.05 which takes care of the connection to the network. As the name suggests, the network connection should work auto-magically, which means that most of the time you don't need to care about your connection - it will find out when you plug in the ethernet cable and try to connect. Similarly it will give you a list of wireless networks you can connect to if you don't have a cable connection. Unfortunately there is no GUI...

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Results of Power Management

Ive put Greggś blog on Power Management to use, and here are my impressive results. First of all, I checked my processor type: bleonard@opensolaris:~$ kstat -m cpu_info -s brand -i 0module: cpu_info instance: 0 name: cpu_info0 class: misc brand Intel(r) Core(tm)2 Duo CPU T7700 @ 2.40GHzbleonard@opensolaris:~$ And then I checked to see if my Core 2 Duo is in the list of processors that...

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JVM Process Status (jps)

I frequently use jps to list my Java processes and was a bit dismayed when it didn't work on OpenSolaris. For some reason the Solaris installer doesn't create a link to the process. This fix is easy enough, from the command line enter: pfexec ln -s /usr/java/bin/jps /usr/bin/jps Now jps works like a charm: bleonard@opensolaris:~$ jps -l 2100 org.jruby.Main 2256 sun.tools.jps.Jps 2078 org.netbeans.Main 1607 com.sun.javaws.Main bleonard@opensolaris:~$

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OpenSolaris as a developer platform

Roman Shaposhnik delivered a presentation at OSDevCon conference in Prague I attended this week. He talked about many interesting developer tools in the second half of the talk including Sun Studio, mdb, DTrace, dbx, p\* commands, \*stack commands and more. Thanks to the organizers of OSDevCon the presentation is available on youtube - kudos for making this happen!

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