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Triple Boot, Part 1: Planning

Brian wrote up his experience getting OpenSolaris 2008.05 to work in a dual-boot environment with OS X.  There are also some excellent resources available in the Getting Started With OpenSolaris 2008.05 documentation. But none of those described exactly what I wanted : a triple-boot system with Windows Vista, OpenSolaris 2008.05, and Ubuntu 8.04. This series of blog entries will describe the process I used to get all three installed and working on my system. Disclaimers: This...

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Increasing Storage Capacity

One of the ways I run OpenSolaris is under VirtualBox. The virtual disk image I initially created was only 8 GB and yesterday I found myself out of space. Running out of disk space is a situation we've all found ourselves in before - regardless if whether we're running virtualized or not. Initially I just thought I could add another disk to the pool, but it turns out that it is not possible to boot OpenSolaris from a striped disk (see: OpenSolaris will not boot after adding...

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ls colors

One of the goals of the OpenSolaris distribution is to provide an environment that looks at least somewhat familiar to users of other operating systems, and especially to Linux users who are familiar with the GNU tools.  For example, the default shell for a new user is bash.  And the default content of the .bashrc file in a new user's home directory is: ## Simple profile places /usr/gnu/bin at front,# adds /usr/X11/bin, /usr/sbin and /sbin to the end.## Use less(1) as the...

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LDom Gast als SunCluster Knoten

Endlich ist es geschafft! Seit heute werden LDoms als Knoten im SunCluster unterstuetzt. Ja, richtig, Gast-Domains. Die Details gibt es in einem Blog von Ashutosh Tripathi in den Release Notes der aktuellen Version von SunCluster.  Dort gibt es auch anschauliche Bildchen, die die verschiedenen Szenarien darstellen. Hohe Verfuegbarkeit!

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What makes OpenSolaris interesting? Reason #1: ZFS

One of my friends recently asked me why should he consider using OpenSolaris? He is a happy Ubuntu user and he knows that Solaris is a great server operating system, however he as a developer sees little value in using Solaris/OpenSolaris on his workstation.The answer to this question may differ for each developer (C developers have different needs than Java developers, etc.), but I will point out some of the interesting technologies and features of OpenSolaris in a series of...

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Playing old DOS adventure games on OpenSolaris

I was looking for some nice games to run on OpenSolaris and found out that ScummVM runs on Solaris. ScummVM is an "adventure game virtual machine", that can run many of the adventures created by LucasArts. These old games can be downloaded from different sites and some of them are even provided on the ScummVM download page together with the VM. They don't provide an IPS package yet, but you can safely install the old package for Solaris 10 on OpenSolaris: $...

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