Sound in VirtualBox from MacOS X Host

Lack of sound has been a big drag on my day to day use of OpenSolaris, often forcing me to return to OS X when I need to hear something. Earlier today Gregg pointed me to New OSS Drivers Fix Sound Issues in OpenSolaris on Mac OS X - and lo and behold - they do - at least in VirtualBox.  Some other things to note is that in VirtualBox for Mac OS X, the audio is disabled by default. To enable the audio, select Settings (the OpenSolaris virtual machine must be powered down)...

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Local Hostname Resolution

OpenSolaris only allows me to ping machines in my local network by IP address: bleonard@opensolaris:/etc$ ping is alivebleonard@opensolaris:/etc$ ping -s integrity.localping: unknown host integrity.localbleonard@opensolaris:/etc$ While doing some digging I found the Service Discovery project, which uses Multicast DNS (mDNS) to locate services on the network. mDNS is managed by SMF and disabled by default. To use it, first copy the /etc/nsswitch.dnsfile...

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What makes OpenSolaris interesting? Reason #2: SMF

This is a #2 part in a series of posts about what makes OpenSolaris interesting (you can read reason #1: ZFS here). We'll go through different technologies and features that make OpenSolaris a compelling operating system. Reason #2: SMF SMF stands for Service Management Facility. It's a new way of managing system services (well introduced in Solaris 10 so it's not bleeding edge anymore), better than the original rc.d scripts which are still being used in Linux. Rc.d scripts are...

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Mounting FAT-32 partitions in OpenSolaris

I had a hard time with mounting a FAT-32 partition in OpenSolaris - it just wouldn't mount. Finally I found out that I need to use the -F pcfs parameter to tell mount the filesystem type. It hit me by surprise because in Linux you don't need to specify a parameter - Linux mount will detect the filesystem type for you. So in case you want to mount a FAT-32 partition, the command looks like this: $ mount -F pcfs /dev/dsk/c5d0p4 /mnt/dosdisk Obviously you need to change the...

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Triple Boot, Part 5: Reinstalling GRUB

<< Back to Part 4, Windows via VirtualBox This is the only blog entry in this series that I have not actually performed on my laptop.  Instead, I experimented with the instructions in a virtual environment, using VirtualBox.  The standard disclaimers apply: I am describing a single hard drive system Messing around with the partitions and the Master Boot Record (MBR) on a disk can be dangerous.  Always back up your data first.  If you're really nervous (like me) experiment in a...

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New NetBeans plug-in for DTrace

A new version (0.4) of NetBeans DTrace GUI plug-in is ready for download from NetBeans Update Center. New features include: - Chime (the DTrace output visualization) is embedded into the NetBeans DTrace GUI Plugin. Chime is fully integrated with NB DTrace GUI. - The new version of DTraceToolkit is integrated with the new release of NB DTrace GUI. Users can debug and tune their Java, JavaScripts, PyThon, Ruby, Php, C, C++, and etc. applications using the new version of DTraceGUI...

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