What makes OpenSolaris interesting? Reason #3: DTrace

For the first two reasons see the posts about ZFS and SMF.  Today I delivered an OpenSolaris training at the Masaryk university in Brno together with Zdenek Kotala from Prague PostreSQL team. One of the cool things that Zdenek showed during his DTrace session was the following script: pfexec dtrace -F -n 'fbt:conskbd:conskbdlrput:entry { self->in = 1; }' -n 'fbt:::/self->in/{}' -n 'fbt:conskbd:conskbdlrput:return/self->in/{ exit(0); }' What does it do? It gives you an answer...

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Beyond DHCP with DNS and Routing in OpenSolaris

I've finally had time to install OpenSolaris on bare metal.  Previously I've installed it under VirtualBox on my Mac and Linux machines.  The networking configuration really had me pulling out my hair.  If you knew me, you'd know I don't have much hair so this means I was really desperate.   Here's some helpful pointers to get started with networking beyond the default DHCP settings for DNS hostname resolution and routing.BackgroundFirst, I should provide some background.  ...

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DTrace Privileges

I wanted to learn more about DTrace, so I started at the beginning: Chapter 1 of the Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide. Using my installation of OpenSolaris 2008.05, I typed in the first command described, but it did not work: $ dtrace -n BEGINdtrace: failed to initialize dtrace: DTrace requires additional privileges This is because in order to use DTrace, my account needs additional privileges that were not specified when the account was created. The DTrace privileges are described...

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Accessing Windows Shares

In this entry I'll show you how to access Microsoft Windows shares that may be running alongside OpenSolaris on your network. Step 1: Share The Windows Folder  The first step is to make sure the folder you want to access is shared by Windows. On Windows XP you can access this by viewing the properties for the folder and selecting the Sharing tab: For this example, I'm going to share my entire My Documents directory. The share name will be easiest to work with from OpenSolaris if...

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Search Domains

Here at Sun I get a lot of e-mails with links containing abbreviated domain names to Sun intranet sites. For example: http://sunweb.central Which is intended to mean: http://sunweb.central.sun.com However, my browser tries to resolve it as: http://www.sunweb.central Which of course fails. The solution is to simply add the following line to /etc/resolv.conf: search sun.com

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Querying IPS Package Contents

I used the entry that Roman wrote on Querying IPS Packages to search for the OpenSolaris IPS packages that contain gcc: $ pkg search -r gccINDEX ACTION VALUE PACKAGEbasename hardlink usr/sfw/bin/gcc pkg:/SUNWgcc@3.4.3-0.79basename hardlink usr/sfw/bin/gcc pkg:/SUNWgcc@3.4.3-0.86basename hardlink usr/sfw/bin/gcc pkg:/SUNWgcc@3.4.3-0.89basename hardlink usr/sfw/bin/gcc pkg:/SUNWgcc@3.4.3-0.90... The...

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