xVM launch replay

I watched today the xVM launch and was quite impressed by some of the demos. I especially liked the demos where they showed a Windows machine running on a remote server with an interface inside of Firefox (with possibility to move it outside of the browser) as well as management of many virtualized environments again within the browser. They've also shown a pretty cool demo of Windows running on a virtualized server in Germany and then moving from a laptop to a Sunray (in the...

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Acrobat Reader 8 for Solaris x86

For years people have been complaining about the lack of a modern version of Adobe Reader® on Solaris™ x86. The latest version, 4.05, was released in 2000. Solaris for SPARC has a modern version, but not Solaris x86. Alternatives exist, such as Evince, which work pretty well, but it has occasional problems for some documents, especially some complex documents. Transitive Software now has a free download of QuickTransit® for Solaris/x86 with Adobe Reader 8.1.2. It combines...

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Where's the nearest OpenSolaris user group?

If you are interested in OpenSolaris a very good way how to learn, discuss and contribute is using a local user group. Here's a nice Google map of OpenSolaris user groups: The list of user groups in text form including mailing lists is available here.  If you can't find a user group in your area, maybe it's time to start a new one :) The instructions are on the advocacy community pages. Leading a user group is a great experience - I lead a Java user group myself for 3 years...

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NetBeans 6.1

NetBeans 6.5 o the IPS repository: bleonard@opensolaris:~$ pkg info -r netbeans Name: netbeans Summary: Open-source Integrated Development Environment for enterprise, web and mobile applications in Java, C/C++, and Ruby Category: Development/Integrated Development Environments State: Not installed Authority: opensolaris.org Version: 6.5 Build Release: 5.11 Branch: 0.86Packaging Date: Thu Dec 4 03:56:43 2008 Size: 2.84 MB ...

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Playing Your mp3s with Songbird

Songbird is the open source equivalent to iTunes. It's built on top of Mozilla, giving it the same extendability as Firefox. However, OpenSolaris doesn't ship with an mp3 codec, so before you can enjoy your music with Songbird, you first need to solve the missing codec problem. In this blog entry I'll walk you through both steps. Fluendo The folks at Fluendo are one of the key contributors to the GStreamer open source multimedia framework. One of the products they "sell for...

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I Love Intel's Commitment to OpenSolaris

One of the things that excites me about using OpenSolaris is the amount of work that Intel is doing to improve the product for their processors. David Stewart, an engineering manager at Intel's Open Source Technology Center, has put together a series of 5 minute vidoes highlighting their work. All are entertaining, informative and worth a watch... Episode 1: OpenSolaris & Intel Processors Episode 1 provides a nice summary or Intel's various efforts, which includes power...

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