OpenSolaris Townhall Meeting

Tim Cramer, director of OpenSolaris engineering at Sun, is running a townhall meeting today (Tuesday, Sept 16th, from 3-5pm US pacific time). The plans for the upcoming 2008.11 release will be discussed as well as many community projects will be highlighted in the form of lightning talks. More details available in this e-mail. Too bad the time of the call is not Europe-friendly (it starts at midnight in my timezone) but the good news is that the call will be recorded. 

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To Update or not to Update?

Updating OpenSolaris should be straightforward. The documentation says that you need just to run following command: $ pfexec pkg image-update This way you'll get updated to latest bi-weekly bits (currently at build 97). If updates worked as advertised, it would be perfect, however I got burned several times during updates, so I would like to warn you before you waste your time with unsuccessful updates. At first, read the release notes. Pay very special attention to the...

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Getting Started with the Sun Web Stack

At OSCON back in July the Sun Web Stack was unveiled. The Sun Web Stack contains all the popular tools needed to develop and run a web application, all pre-configured to work together. Specifically, the stack includes the following components: Apache MySQL PHP Python Tomcat Subversion cvs Squid memcached NetBeans WebStack Tools and UI  The stack is available as IPS package amp-dev: bleonard@opensolaris:~$ pkg info -r amp-dev Name: amp-dev Summary: AMP Development cluster ...

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Boot into Single User Mode

Mike Gerdts has a nice blog entry on how to Boot OpenSolaris into Single User Mode.  Unfortunately, it appears that his image links are broken, so the screen snapshots that he refers to in the text are not visible (at least, not when using Firefox 2 on OpenSolaris 2008.05). So I have taken his instructions, made a few edits, and provided screen snapshots of my own. When you first start the machine, you will see a GRUB menu.  The exact contents will vary, but there should be at...

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More Multimedia

I used the blog entry Brian wrote to get Songbird up and running.  There are, however, additional multimedia options for OpenSolaris.  On a forum thread over on OpenSolaris.com, Calum Benson pointed out that Real Player is available. I tried it out - it is an older version, but it works great so far.  There is a .pkg available for download, but I just used the .tar ball version.  I copied realplay_bin_s10_i386.tar.gz into a new directory and then used: $ gunzip...

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Your Boundless Development System

Solaris is best known as a data center operating system. So what makes it so great for you, the developer? That question is addressed by Hugo Rivero and Marty Duey in this new web cast, OpenSolaris:Your Boundless Development Platform. They do a nice job of comparing side-by-side Solaris to OpenSolaris. I especially like the comparisons of the installation media requirements and the installer differences. If you have 25 minutes it's worth the watch.

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