Welcome Connecticut

The Connecticut OpenSolaris User Group launched in style last night at The Hartford Club, probably one of the more swanky places to host an OSUG. This is the same club to which Mark Twain belonged. Check out its Famous Guests list. As expected most of the big insurance companies were in attendance, including The Hartford and Travelers. Isaac Rozenfeld, who came up from New York, led off appropriately with an introduction to OpenSolaris, covering the project, the community and...

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Netzwerkperformance, Memoryperformance und wie sie zusammenhaengen koennen

In Solaris 10 update 6 wird der nxge Treiber (fuer 10GBit Ethernet) "Software Large Segment Offload" unterstuetzen.  Damit wird der Netzwerk-Durchsatz erhoeht, und gleichzeitig die hierfuer noetige CPU-Last verringert.  Welche Leistung damit erreichbar wird, ist im Blog von Pure See nachzulesen. Interessantes Detail dabei ist, dass der Netzwerkperformance hierbei auch von den verwendeten DIMMs abhaengt.  Die Memoryleistung bei 4GB DIMMs ist deutlich besser als bei 2GB...

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Troubleshooting NWAM

One of the first Observatory blog entries that Roman wrote was called Having NWAM under control. It is the only Observatory blog entry that I have printed out so that I can carry it in my laptop bag.  I can always refer to blog entries here and elsewhere online, but only if I can first get NWAM to connect.  :-) I recently found another document that is worth printing out in order to have it available if networking problems strike: Troubleshooting Network Problems, which...

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Rock - Ausblick

CMT ist nicht beschränkt auf Niagara.  Auch ROCK ist eine CMT CPU.  Inzwischen gibt es einige Veröffentlichungen über ROCK.  Hier zwei lesenswerte Links: ROCK internals: Vortrag auf der HotChips Konferenz Die Wikipedia-Seite über ROCK, mit vielen weiteren Links

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The power of pfexec

I recently got a comment on a blog entry I did a while back that explains setting up a multiboot system. The comment was from Peter Jones and he was having trouble editing the menu.lst file.  He had apparently overlooked the exact syntax that I had specified: pfexec gedit /rpool/boot/grub/menu.lst From the content of the comment, it appears the problem was that he did not specify pfexec, so he was unable to save changes to the file.  That got me to thinking about how frequently...

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Software Freedom Day - 1

Software Freedom Day is officially on September 20.  But here in Texas, we don't always follow the rules.  :-) Will St. Clair organized a celebration on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin on September 19.  The nice folks in Sun's Campus Ambassador program provided the swag, which was very popular (along with the cookies that they bought).  The CDs of NetBeans 6.1 and OpenSolaris 2008.05 moved the fastest, followed by the canvas shoulder bags (Will is modeling a...

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