Ein paar Gedanken zu Softwarequalitat

In einer Diskussion ueber den Zusammenhang zwischen der Anzahl der Patches fuer ein Produkt und die Qualitaet dieses Produktes stiess ich auf ein bemerkenswerts Argument: Die Anzahl der geloggten Bugs und RFEs und die Anzahl veroeffentlicher Patches ist kein Indikator fuer Qualitaet.  Sie sind vielmehr Indikatoren fuer Aktivitaet. Einige Studien zur Softwarequalitaet zeigen, dass alte Software die zuverlaessigste Software ist.  Oder, andersherum, neue Software hat tendenziell...

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If you're looking for a build of some open source software that's not in the default IPS repository, there's a good chance you'll find it on Blastwave. All of their packages have been made available via an IPS repository (although, I couldn't find this advertised on their site): http://blastwave.network.com:10000/ Loading the page above shows you there's over 1700 packages in all: Before you can install packages from the Blastwave repository, however, you need to add Blastwave...

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Burning Image Files (.iso)

I needed to burn an .iso to a CD and initially looked for a utility under one of the menus. Eventually I stumbled across the Write to Disk utility. As far as I can tell, it's only available when you right-click the image file: Once you figure that out, it's easy as pie:

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Flash Player 10 Beta Available

As the Adobe page says: "This is a prerelease version of the Adobe® Flash® Player 10 software for Solaris platforms. It is being made available for developers and consumers to test their content to ensure new features function as expected, existing content plays back correctly, and there are no compatibility issues." You can get it (both x86 and Sparc versions) from labs.adobe.com.

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OpenSolaris Ignite

Our team contributes with content for the new OpenSolaris Ignite newsletter, which focuses on news and technical tips for OpenSolaris (the distribution). You can get issue #1 from this URL. Right now you need to subscribe with your e-mail address (good old traditional e-mail newsletter delivery :), but in my opinion it would be also nice to add a RSS feed possibility for people who don't like e-mails.We are always looking for interesting content for the newsletter so if you...

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OpenOffice 3.0

OpenOffice 3.0 has been released. However, you will not find it in the IPS repository, it's only available as an SVR4 package. If you want to upgrade but you've installed version 2.4 from IPS, you'll first need to remove it (because the 2 packaging systems are not exactly compatible): bleonard@opensolaris:~$ pfexec pkg uninstall openofficePHASE ACTIONSRemoval Phase 5320/5320 Then download the compressed SVR4...

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