Update Manager

I was pleasantly surprised to see a new icon on my top panel today - the update notifier . Clicking on it opened the Update Manager, which you can also access from the System > Administration menu: Selecting Update All notified me that a new Boot Environment was going to be created. This is great as I don't have to worry about these updates somehow harming my system. The update took a couple of minutes to complete: After which I rebooted. There was a new opensolaris-1 grub...

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Understading RBAC

Role Based Access Control or RBAC is a powerful feature of OpenSolaris. However, all of the moving pieces involved can make it somewhat hard to comprehend. In this blog entry I attempt to distill what I've come to understand. First, some definitions: Term Description Related File(s) Command(s) user A user of the system /etc/passwd/etc/user_attr useraddusermod role A named set of authorizations that can be assumed /etc/passwd /etc/user_attr roleaddrolemodroles profile A named set of...

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Screencast: What's new in OpenSolaris 2008.11

I have recorded a 12-minute screencast which will walk you through the new features in the 2008.11 release of OpenSolaris. It contains lots of demos, so you can see various new features in action - I focused on the desktop features because it is a big theme for this release. Click on the image to play the screencast

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Solaris IPv6 Packages

Solaris 10 & OpenSolaris are IPv6 Ready (phase I and II) IPv6 addresses, 128 bits in length, are the new addresses for Internet. It replaces the old 32-bit IPv4 addresses, 32 bits in length, because the latter are running out. With the explosion of non-computer Internet devices (such as cell/mobile phones, PDAs, music devices, etc.) and growth of Internet in third-world countries, the need for new IPv6 addresses will grow quickly. Most Solaris applications support IPv6...

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Smiley face not 100% ready yet?

OpenSolaris 2008.11 has a new feature called graphical boot. We call it internally the "Smiley face". Unfortunately this otherwise cool feature has one big problem - if you disable gdm and boot with the graphical boot you won't see the command line prompt. Which is why there is a second option in GRUB called the "text boot" which will work as the old regular text boot. The nice thing about graphical boot is that it doesn't show you the command line prompt when you boot into...

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What's new in OpenSolaris 2008.11?

Glynn Foster created a very nice "New and noteworthy" page for OpenSolaris 2008.11: http://www.opensolaris.com/learn/features/whats-new/200811 Btw in case you are wondering how is the release shaping up, it's coming along - RC2 is ready now and final release is coming soon (obviously things are a bit slowed down right now due to the thanksgiving holiday in the US).

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