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OpenSolaris, Sun Web Stack and VirtualBox debut at Devoxx

As Devoxx founder Stephan Janssen told me last week: "Even though you're an evangelist, the committee reviewed your talk and thought it would be of interest". Great, as that was my plan when I put the Developing Beyond localhost talk together. I was pleased to have what looked like a couple hundred folks in the room and lots of questions at the end - all on VirtualBox. I quickly jotted down the ones I could remember: Can I add network latency? Not that I'm aware of, at least...

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Optimizing OpenSolaris With Open Source

alt="Fannie Mae, Golden Retriever puppy" height="120" width="160" border="0" />Our Golden Retriever puppy, Fannie Mae For the past year or so I've been optimizing OpenSolaris encryption on x86-64bit systems using open source software. The open source I used is hand-coded amd64 assembly optimized for AMD64 and Intel EM64T processors. It replaces code written in C, which is optimized, but still slower than hand-coded assembly. This assembly source comes from OpenSSL and...

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CommunityOne East Call for Participation

This year CommunityOne is expanding beyond San Francisco to the other side of the U.S.  CommunityOne is heading east to New York City on March 18, 2009  followed by a day of Technology Deep Dives on March 19, 2009 .   New York City is my hometown so I am pretty excited about this cause this gives us east coasters an opportunity to hear about what is going on in the open source world without having to wait for the San Francisco event. You can submit a session, panel or...

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Big day for OpenSolaris community

It's a great day for OpenSolaris community - the pending and contrib repos are available and it's now pretty easy to contribute packages into a central repository with low barrier to entry. It was possible to contribute before by creating your IPS repository but a central community repo was something that was really missing because it was hard for people to find all the different useful repos. The contribution process is described on this page. I am expecting that the...

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Mirroring IPS repositories

I've been wondering for a long time how to mirror an IPS repository. I finally got a link to a page which explains it. So if you want to run an IPS mirror, look at these instructions.

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OpenSolaris 2008.11 officially launched

Go to www.opensolaris.com for lots of new videos about the 2008.11 release. I especially enjoyed Glynn Foster's overview of the new features. To learn more about the features, visit the Learn section and don't forget to download the bits :)

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