Enthusiasm in Singapore

I attended the Sun Tech Days Singapore event last week and it always re-energizes me to see the enthusiasm out there for OpenSolaris. Here's a snapshot of Chris Armes' well attended opening keynote: The excitement carried over into the pavilion, where the InstallFest table was crammed with laptops: I presented Moving to OpenSolaris, Thriving on OpenSolaris, Data Management Made Easy with ZFS and the ZFS Hands On Lab. When not presenting I generally hung out in the pavilion....

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Fluendo Makes New Codecs Available for OpenSolaris

If you've been looking for a legitimate set of codecs for OpenSolaris, Fluendo has just released their "Complete Set of Playback Plugins" for Solaris: Here's a Windows Media Video playing in Totem :-):

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Device Detection Tool for 2008.11 Released

If you've been wondering whether or not OpenSolaris 2008.11 will run on your hardware, you can now find out by running the Sun Device Detection Tool. The tool itself is not new, however it has just been updated for OpenSolaris 2008.11. The application is written in Java and starts via Web Start, so as long as you have the JRE, you can run this version on any system, without installing anything. There's even an option to submit your configuration to the Solaris Hardware...

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Screencast: Installing OpenSolaris in VirtualBox

I was talking to a teacher before the Christmas break who was interested in replacing Windows with OpenSolaris in his elementary school lab. He knew very little about OpenSolaris and was considering using VirtualBox to take it for a spin. There's lots of good documentation on installing OpenSolaris in VirtualBox, but sometimes folks just like to watch the process. The 12 minute screencast below covers all the steps, from getting the software to installing the VirtualBox...

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A Hands on Introduction to ZFS Pools

If you have a USB hub and some spare USB sticks, Stefan Schneider, has an excellent 3 part tutorial on working with ZFS pools: Part 1: Getting Started (Pool Creation, Export, Import) Part 2: Mirrors, Disk Failure and Spare Disks Part 3: RAIDZ2 The tutorials are independent of one another, so for example, if you just want to experiment with RAIDZ2, just do Part 3.

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Upgrading Sendmail to Postfix on Solaris

Life is too short for Sendmail! Background No Sendmail wizards! This article is about upgrading ancientSendmail email server software withPostfix. About a year ago I upgraded my OpenSUSE-based web/file/dns/ntp/mail server to OpenSolaris. That has worked out for the most part—especially having the ZFS filesystem. The part I missed though was having to go back to using Sendmail instead of Postfix for email. Postfix was written byWietse Venema as a Sendmail replacement.Venema...

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