Don't shout at your disks!

A friend of mine from CZOSUG sent me a link to this amazing video - realtime analysis of vibrations caused by sound with DTrace and FishWorks on the Sun 7000 storage (based on OpenSolaris). Lesson learned: shouting can be dangerous to your data!

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JavaFX isn't available for Linux and OpenSolaris yet. As to why, I suggest you read Josh Marinacci's blog: A Word on Linux and Solaris Support. However, this hasn't stopped the community from documenting how to install JavaFX on Linux. And not surprisingly, those instructions work very well for OpenSolaris. With some minor adjustments, here are the exact steps I to took to get the JavaFX SDK running in NetBeans on OpenSolaris. Step 1. Install NetBeans The NetBeans IDE makes...

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Solaris CAT 5.1 Release

As promised, we'll be releasing Solaris Crash Analysis Tool updates every six months or so.  Yes!  The final release process for Solaris CAT 5.1 is reaching its end and you'll soon be able to download the latest and greatest bits. Come back here on Feb 15th and you'll likely see the release announcement. Though this release mostly addresses bugs and added functionality to support the latest changes in the Nevada/OpenSolaris kernel there are a few new features.  Here's the...

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Allowing ZFS Snapshots

I find myself working with ZFS snapshots quite a bit, and as a convenience, I'd prefer if I didn't have to prefix the commands with pfexec. For example: pfexec zfs rollback rpool/vbox@clean Fortunately, it is possible to delegate the permission to run ZFS commands to my user account using zfs allow. For example: pfexec zfs allow bleonard snapshot,rollback,mount rpool/vbox Note, the ability to 'mount' is required in order to create and rollback snapshots. See the zfs man page for...

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OpenSolaris supports SPARC

Read the great news about build 106 in Dave Miner's blog. Some people say SPARC should have been supported from the beginning but given limited resources it was reasonable to focus on one platform. Now, both x86/x64 and SPARC are supported, so future releases of OpenSolaris will support both of these platforms.

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Sample Chapter from OpenSolaris Bible

In case you haven't heard about the new OpenSolaris book yet - the name is "OpenSolaris bible" and has been written by Nicholas A. Solter, Jerry Jelinek and David Miner. The book is not available yet, however you can already pre-order it and it is supposed to be available pretty soon. You can read more about the book in the blogs of individual authors: Announcing the OpenSolaris Bible, Writing the OpenSolaris Bible and The Good(?) Book. I found today the sample chapter from...

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