Stand-alone Sanity Checks

One new feature in Solaris CAT 5.1 is the ability to run the tool's sanity checks without having to fully start the tool.  You can do this using the --sanity_checks option. For example: # scat --sanity_checks vmcore.0 sanity checks: settings... NOTE: /etc/system: ce:ce_taskq_disable set to 0x1 2 times NOTE: /etc/system: module ge not loaded for "set ge:ge_intr_mode=0x833" vmem...CPU...WARNING: CPU0 has cpu_intr_actv for PIL 1WARNING: TS thread 0x3000f36f520 on CPU3...

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Two more chapters from the OpenSolaris Bible

There are two new chapters from the new OpenSolaris Bible book (excerpts) available for download: Chapter 3 - OpenSolaris Crash course and Chapter 8 - ZFS. You can buy the book from Amazon, it is already shipping!

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Amazon EC2

If you're interested in using OpenSolaris in the cloud, you can currently do so using Amazon's EC2 service. There are a bunch of machine images available. Most currently require registration (which has a quick turn-around), however, 2 are public. If you're new to Amazon EC2, their Getting Started Guide is excellent. I would suggest working through the steps with the getting started machine image, and if everything works, try it again with the OpenSolaris image (ami-7db75014 f...

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Celebrity sighting at FOSDEM

Jack Adams, the famous Solaris hacker was at FOSDEM! See this video interview recorded by Bruno Souza where Jack Adams interviews Chris, member of NLOSUG: By the way, if you've never been to FOSDEM, it's a really cool no-marketing-bullshit kind of conference, just geeks and open source software and lots of discussions. I really enjoyed FOSDEM including the evening events in Belgium pubs. Only next year I will avoid drinking fruit beer, the morning flight was not so...

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Last week at the Capital Region OSUG, Harry Foxwell turned me onto Webmin, a web based tool for remote (or local) administration of Solaris (and most other operating systems, including Playstation Linux). I have very little experience with the tool as of today, but there appears to be quite a bit to it. If you want to check it out, here are the steps necessary to install it: Webmin exists in the default repository, so to install it, open a terminal and run: bleonard@opensolaris:...

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Solaris CAT 5.1 Now Available

It's always fun when you can beat your own goals and release something early.  The bits made it through the tests, the legal tasks got completed, and the packaging was done so why wait until next week when one could "pull the trigger" today.  We're, therefore, happy to announce that Solaris CAT 5.1 is now available for download here. The release notes are provided in /opt/SUNWscat/docs/relnotes_5.1.html after you install the package or in our last blog entry. If you have...

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