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Tech days '07 Hyderabad

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Sun Tech Days (Feb-21 to Feb-23) was held in Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The agenda can be found at Sun Tech days Agenda.

The conference was held in Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), which is an excellent facility that can seat upto 8000 people at the same time in its many auditoriums.  It is a well managed, sparkling new facility and the event was conducted very well. Since Tech days is very popular and by far the biggest developer event in India, the whole facility was reserved for the conference.  There were at least 4500 pre-registered participants/day and many signed up at the start of the day as well.

Solaris Cluster:

I presented "Developing Highly Available Applications using Solaris Cluster". It was the first talk in the Solaris track on 22-Feb.  Like all other Solaris tracks, the auditorium which could seat up to 550-600 persons was completely filled up.  I was flattered :-) !  I had expected a predominantly student and developer audience and was pleasantly surprised to find lot of admins and heads of IT departments. There were even a few High Performance Computing researchers!

I wanted the audience to be involved and hence let them interrupt me anytime during the presentation. The crowd was very enthusiastic and reasonably knowledgeable. Some of them had worked with some availability product as well.  As expected there was a general impression that High Availability = fault tolerance, High Availability products can do job scheduling etc which were addressed.  Most of them were surprised to hear that all that is required for a Generic Data Service based agent is a start command!  It made a big impact.  There were inquiries if Solaris Cluster could be used for Disaster Recovery and I informed them that Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition is the product for Disaster Recovery.  Another common query was about the value add Solaris Cluster provides for Oracle 10g R2 Real Application Clusters and answered it based on the published whitepaper. The audience appreciated the fact Data Service Agent Builder was available in Interactive CLI  & GUI mode and no changes were required for zones.

I managed to finish the presentation on time by skipping HA SMF. There were a few customers who wanted to move from their existing Linux/x86 based HA solution to Solaris Cluster/SPARC.

A demo of the Data Service Agent builder can be viewed at Flash demo.


Hyderabad used to be a princely state and hence is full of culture and art.  Since my to be guide was indisposed, couldn't visit the museums and  places of historical interest. Hyderabad is also famous for its cuisine and since a guide is not necessary ;-) , enjoyed it the most! Hyderabad can be hot in northern summer (45 c), and hence best visited between Sep-Feb.

Madhan Kumar
Solaris Cluster Engineering

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  • ödev Tuesday, June 5, 2007
    thanks good share
  • gifts Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Just wanted to commend you on your presentation 'technique.' Namely, that it wasn't a 'presentation' as much as a 'workshop.' Letting the 'audience' connect, interrupt, and have a say adds tremendous value and I wanted to thank you for that. This kind of thing is not really the place for presentations – perhaps certain product launches are – but not this. This is a technology thing, and people have a lot to bring to the table at conferences that really enhances the experience and makes you leave pretty enthused.

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