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Tasty bookmarks from del.icio.us and Yahoo

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Many of the Sun bloggers have also discovered the social bookmarking site del.icio.us and a bunch have written about it (see for instance blog posts by Claire Giordano, Claire again, Danny Malks, and Bryan Donovan - amazingly, none of them mentioned that the del.icio.us database server is running on a set of Sun dual-opteron machines). I've been using it for a while both to store and share links, and by subscribing to RSS feeds for a couple tags, to discover new links. Having a common place to store links that's available from my laptop, my home computer, my Sun desktops, and any other computers I'm near is very convenient. So when I read about http://de.lirio.us, a del.icio.us clone that was built using the open source Rubric software, I thought it would be great to use it to build a social bookmarking site inside Sun's firewall, to help people organize and share links to the thousands of web sites and pages inside Sun's firewall. It took a couple of months to find enough spare time to do it, but I finally got it all ready last month and sent out e-mail to our internal bloggers e-mail list. (It turns out quite a few people had the same idea, but I was simply the first to get it all put together and tell others about it.)

When I sent out mail about the internal rubric site, one of the responses asked if sites like del.icio.us and de.lirio.us helped when searching for things. At the time I said that it didn't really - it helped me more in discovering sites, saving links for later use from multiple locations/compuers, and sharing links with others. Now though, Yahoo has added an interesting twist which may make social bookmarking more interesting in it's My Web 2.0 Beta, which takes a del.icio.us style tagged/social bookmark service and adds communities of people who share bookmarks, so you can search through the sites bookmarked by the people in your community. Right now it looks like it's limited to a single community per user, your contacts, but if this could be extended to have multiple named communities, such as an OpenSolaris or X.Org community, it could get really interesting.

(BTW, you can find my shared bookmarks on del.icio.us as alanc and on Yahoo My Web 2.0 as adcoopersmith. And the link currently bookmarked more than any other on our internal social bookmarking site? Why, BlastWave of course.)

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