Sunday Oct 25, 2015

Oracle Solaris Studio at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2015

Don't miss these sessions and demos at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2015.  We will be highlighting a variety of exciting tools and technologies to help you develop enterprise applications and leverage revolutionary Oracle SPARC M7 Security in Silicon capabilities in development. 

Visit the Oracle OpenWorld Session Catalog and JavaOne Session Catalog for the complete list of sessions. 

See you at OOW and JavaOne 2015! 

Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

Oracle Solaris Hands-On Labs at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

We're going to have some very interesting Oracle Solaris-themed Hands-On Labs (HOLs) at Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

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Friday Aug 09, 2013

Oracle Solaris Web Forum -- Did You Miss It?

Image credit: WikimediaEarlier this week, we had the latest Oracle Solaris web forum.  Is it possible that you weren't there?  Was something more pressing on your agenda, such as, I don't know: work?  Or, if you're in a different time zone: sleep?

Did you, in fact, miss out on the whole thing?

No. No, you did not.

Thanks to the power of computers, the Internet, and our great behind-the-scenes teams, we now have the on-demand replay of the web forum available, for you to replayOn demand!

You can see all three sessions:

  • Oracle’s Investment in Oracle Solaris - Best Enterprise UNIX for Oracle Systems and Software
  • Oracle Solaris: Optimized for Oracle Software
  • Oracle Solaris: Optimized for Oracle’s Enterprise Systems

Plus, you'll have access to the transcripts from the live Q & A. If you're ready, we are, too:

Oracle Solaris Web Forum Replay: View Now

Tuesday Jul 23, 2013

Web Forum, August 7: Oracle Solaris Update

We're back with the next installment of our very popular Oracle Solaris web forum series. It's our way to check in with everyone and let you know what we've been doing lately, and it's also the a way for you to interact with Oracle Solaris engineers and get your most interesting questions answered in our live Q&A session that takes place throughout the forum.

This one takes place on Wednesday August 7th, at 9 AM PT, and features Markus Flierl, VP of Oracle Solaris Core Engineering. Michael Palmeter, Senior Director of Oracle Solaris Product Management, Duncan Hardie, Principal Product Manager in Oracle Solaris, and Rob Ludeman, Principal Product Manager in Oracle Systems.

Markus will bring us all up to date on the latest news about Oracle Solaris 11, followed by Michael, Duncan and Rob, who will discuss the payoffs of the last few years of co-engineering among our OS, software and hardware teams.

Register today -- it looks like it should be another great session.

Web Forum: Oracle Solaris and Oracle Systems: The Best Platform for Oracle Software
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
9-11 a.m. PT / 12-2 p.m. ET

Tuesday Apr 09, 2013

Oracle Solaris and SPARC Performance, Part 4½

A couple of quick pointers to wrap up this series, at least for now.

First, Steve Sistare's added a couple of three meaty posts to his blog, on "Massive Solaris Scalability for the T5-8 and M5-32":

And I'll let Rick Ramsey at OTN Garage have the final word on Solaris/SPARC screaming performance. Apparently, it's a loud word.

The Screaming Men of Finland and Oracle SPARC Chips

Friday Apr 05, 2013

Oracle Solaris and SPARC Performance, Part 3

Moving on from database, more world record performance, this time with Java. From the BestPerf blog:

And there's a new white paper which discusses the specific advantages for Java performance that Oracle Solaris gives you, such as:

  • Dynamic threading
  • Large page support
  • Optimized support for NUMA architectures, including I/O locality
  • Support for very large memory configurations with the new highly efficient predictive virtual memory system in Oracle Solaris 11.1
  • Leveraging the Oracle Solaris Cryptographic Framework feature for best use of hardware acceleration and optimized software crypto algorithms
  • Leading-edge network performance

It also delves into why Oracle Solaris is a great development and deployment platform in general for enterprise Java apps.

Oracle Solaris: The Best Platform for Enterprise Java

Wednesday Sep 08, 2010

A Complete Oracle Solaris Platform Update to open the new Oracle Solaris Blog

Today we announced our latest updates to the Oracle Solaris platform - Oracle Solaris 10 9/10, Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 and Oracle Solaris Studio12.2.

In addition to several key updates for these products we are also now developing, testing and
supporting these products with Oracle's "applications-to-disk" technology stack. The testing leverages the Oracle Certification Environment which has over 50,000 test use cases for every Oracle Solaris patch and platform released. For more information check out our latest whitepapers.

Getting applications and services up and running--and keeping them that way--can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Today it is more vital than ever that systems are designed and deployed to be virtually bulletproof to ongoing changes and updates. Just ask the top 10 telecommunications companies, utilities and banks that host their enterprise applications and businesses on Oracle Solaris.

But let's get down to some specifics on our new product releases.

Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 highlights include:
    • P2V (physical to virtual) tools that take an image of a physical Oracle Solaris 10 systems and installs it in an Oracle Solaris Container to help you consolidate your application workloads
    • Several ZFS enhancements to simplify the management of ZFS pools (split mirrored pools, pool recovery) , increase performance of applications that use ZFS to store data (tuning facility for synchronous writes) and triple-parity RAID Z redundancy to prevent data loss even in the face of three device failures. RAID-Z is the world's first software solution to the RAID-5 write hole
    • Improved Java application performance with JDK 6
For more details on Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 check out Oracle Solaris on the Oracle Technology Network.
    • And of course native support for all the latest SPARC and x86 Systems from Oracle including the Oracle SPARC T3 processor, Intel Nehalem EX and Intel Westmere systems.
For more details on Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 check out Oracle Solaris on the Oracle Technology Network.

Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 builds on Oracle Solaris to offer the most extensive, enterprise high availability and disaster recovery solutions. Key features in this release include:
    • Virtual application clusters via Oracle Solaris Containers in Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition
    • Application agents and integration with Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle's Siebel CRM, MySQL Cluster and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g for consolidation in virtualized environments
    • Support for the highest level of security with Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions for mission-critical applications and services
    • InfiniBand support on public networks and as storage connectivity
For more details on Oracle Solaris Cluster check out Oracle Solaris Cluster on the Oracle Technology Network.

Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 provides an advanced suite of tools designed to work together for the development of single, multithreaded, and distributed applications. New features include:
    • C, C++ and Fortran compiler optimizations for the newest Oracle Sun T-series, M-series, and x86-based Enterprise Servers which deliver up to 4.8x faster code
    • New and updated tools to accelerate the development of mission-critical apps
    • Improved application profiling with experiment comparison (Performance Analyzer)
    • New thread error detection in binaries (Thread Analyzer)
    • Updated DTrace-based visualization tool (DLight)‏
    • New memory debugger with increased performance (Discover)
    • New code coverage tool (Uncover)
    • Updated OpenMP 3.0 support throughout tool chain
    • Updated IDE, based on NetBeans 6.9.1
    • Optimized performance libraries for the newest SPARC and x86 platforms
For more details on Oracle Solaris Studio check out Oracle Solaris Studio on the Oracle Technology Network.

And, welcome to the new Solaris blog!

Dan Roberts
Director of Solaris Product Management

Security. Speed. Simplicity.
An efficient, open, affordable cloud platform for SPARC and x86 systems.


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