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T5 and M6 - providing more Umpf for your Buck

Gerry Haskins
Director Security and Release Management

Just thought you may be interested in some random metrics...

The unit of measurement is Umpf!  The more Umpf!, the better.  Comparing Oracle Sun's latest systems to some of our old favorite systems:

The new M6-32 which was announced at OpenWorld is ~174x more powerful than a fully loaded E10K running Solaris 8.

A T5-8 running Solaris 11 is ~133x more powerful than a fully loaded V880 and ~530x more powerful than a fully loaded E450 running Solaris 8.  Holy spondulicks!

Guess it's time to replace the E450s in my lab and rent out the space I'll save for student accommodation.

With that sort of power, you can have world domination at your fingertips.

And surprisingly affordable world domination at that!

Best Wishes,


Usual disclaimers about my personal incompetence, lies, damn lies, and statistics, etc., apply

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