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Sun Orange vs Mclaren Orange

Darren Moffat
Senior Software Architect

The original Sun logo was orange in colour rather than the now more common "blue" logo we see most of the time (yeah I know some people call that colour purple but to me it is blue and I have good colour perception). Seeing black on white or white on black is also pretty common.

Last season Mclaren F1 had black as the background colour for the MP4-20 which gave us a white Sun logo on black wing mirrors.

Mclaren just released some of the first pictures of the 2006 car the MP4-21 at Jerez and in the Mclaren Technology Centre in Woking (the town where I currently live). As you can see the car is currently orange. Mclaren has done orange in the past but this is a different shade of orange, in fact it reminds me a lot of the orange that Sun uses in the current Sun Brand colour pallete. So the MP4-20 with Kimi driving is no longer my desktop background, this
from the Mclaren Wallpaper collection is instead.

So Mclaren marketing when can I get a new Mclaren shirt with the nice orange colour ? and can I have the Sun logo on it too, I have a black one with white Sun logo and the orange West Mclaren Mercedes "shooshy logo" from about 6 years ago. My wife keeps telling me it is now a shade of grey that I shouldn't be wearing, been washed too many times, and I should thow it out - no way!

For just one more "link", I'm currently buying a house in the UK and the guy I'm buying it for was until very recently Pedro's race engineer (he is now working for Honda and is Rubens race engineer)

Good Luck Mclaren for the 2006 season, hopefully this new Mercedes V8 will perform and be reliable.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Paul Humphreys Friday, January 27, 2006

    Sorry I am not a fan of this Orange colour. I am sure they won't stick with it given they have sponshorship with Vodaphone now... I was hoping that yukky colour wuld face its demise with Jordan now renamed and recoloured Midland..

  • Darren Moffat Friday, January 27, 2006
    Yeah but I like bright coloured cars. You might remember the metalic gold (yellow according to the spec) BMW 323 I used to park in the Bagshot car park.
    I think I did hear somewhere that the orange is temporary.
  • Paul Humphreys Friday, January 27, 2006

    Sorry I do not remember the Beemer. Yes I am sure this is a temporary colour. I fear that Kimi has let the cat out of the bag and said publically he is worried about the Merc V8's reliability. Historically they have lost reliability when the engine rules change... Lets hope things get fixed soon.

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