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Sun Cluster Geographic Edition and the Blackbox!

Guest Author

This afternoon, while trying to find inspiration to fix an awkward bug, I was idly looking out of my office window (at the French alps :) ) on a pleasantly sunny indian-summer day I didn't find my bugfix, but I did realize that the somewhat ugly building across the car park is doing more than holding up the "Sun" sign. It also houses the generators and UPSs that give this site its 24/7 availability.
The building is about the same size as a standard shipping container, and it occurred to me that if you park a Blackbox beside it you'd have an amazing disaster recovery site ready to go in next to no time.
Maybe not what everyone thinks of when admiring the mountains, but I'm the engineering lead for the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition . Our goal is to help companies manage the IT aspects of their Business Continuity (BC) planning (and in these days of tsunamis, earthquakes and terrorism, every company should have a BC plan). Just keeping backups isn't enough any more, we need to make the whole service highly available, not just the data. With Geographic Edition added to Sun Cluster and combined with a data replication products like Sun StorageTek Availability Suite , any IT department can replicate their data in realtime to a pre-configured secure site. Should disaster strike all the applications can be switched over with a single command.
Combine that with a blackbox, some suitable power and network links, and you have an instant emergency data centre. It could be used as is, in-situ, or airlifted (complete with all up-to-date stored data and fully-configured applications) to the stricken location as a plug-in replacement.
There's lots of space in our car park, I wonder if they'd let me have one to play with. Please? Pretty please...
Steve McKinty,
Architect, Disaster Recovery

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