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A friend of mine recently asked me how to have Pidgin start when OpenSolaris is started. With some poking around it's pretty easy to figure out, but to save you the poking...

First, get the information on the program you want to run at startup. You can easily find this from the Menu Editor, which you can open by right-clicking the Menu and selecting Edit Menus:

Browse to the program you want to run at startup:

And double-click (or right-click) it to view its properties:

With the launcher properties window still open, return to the menu and select System > Preferences > Sessions:

Click Add and copy the information from the Launcher Properties window to the New Startup Program window (I'm thinking there should just be an "add this launcher as startup program" context menu):

And that should do it. Pidgin will now automatically start when OpenSolaris starts.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Teresa Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Hey Brian. You're the best! Thanks.

  • Gerald Klaes Friday, November 14, 2008

    Thank you! That is great!

    Is there a possibility to mount a FAT32 - Partition on startup automatically?

    I have read your article of mounting FAT32 - Partitions manually, but I would like to mount a FAT32 - Partition on startup automatically in order to share my Firefox 3 profile (and bookmarks) with my Windows XP and Vista and my other Linux installations on the same hard drive.

    Thank you! I like your Observatory very much!!!

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