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If you have a support contract for Oracle Solaris 11 Express (or are an Oracle employee), you have access to the support repository https://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/support.

The support repository provides updates to Solaris 11 Express, known as Support Repository Updates or SRUs which are released on about a monthly basis.  Since the release of Oracle Solaris 11 Express in November, there have been 6 repository updates, which are listed on the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Support Repository Updates Index. (you'll need an account with My Oracle Support to view this page). Here's a screen capture from that page:

For each update there's an associated Readme that lists the updated packages and associated bug fixes included in the SRU.

If you're running the desktop environment you'll be notified on top panel that an update exists by the following icon:

From the command line you can check for a new version of the "entire" package:

bleonard@solaris:~$ pkg list -fa entire
entire 0.5.11- known -----
entire 0.5.11- installed u----
entire 0.5.11- known u----
entire 0.5.11- known u----
entire 0.5.11- known u----
entire 0.5.11- known u----
entire 0.5.11- known u----
entire 0.5.11- known u----

In this case I'm currently running SRU5 and SRU6 is now available for installation.

Another useful document that explains how to set up the support repositories is Support Repositories Explained (also on My Oracle Support). However, one little gem I did find referenced in that document is the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Cheat Sheet -  Image Packaging System One Liners for frequently utilized pkg commands, which is the only thing about this blog entry that doesn't cost you anything.

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