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Solaris Cluster supports Nehalem Constellation Blade

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Solaris Cluster is now supported with the latest in Intel technology: the Sun Fire x4170 (1U) and x4270/x4275 (2U) leading-edge x64 servers.

Included in the latest platform portfolio is the Sun Blade x6270 Intel Xeon 5500 Nehalem Constellation blade. The new servers support a slew of features, such as double the compute threads (16 Hyper-Threads) and more memory than before at 144GB.
With the addition of PCIe Gen 2, larger storage capacities can be achieved with double the I/O. This is all wrapped around a package that includes SAS, SATA, and flash-based Solid State Disks (SSD).

Combine this with Solaris and Solaris Cluster, and you've got a scalable architecture for multi-threaded applications with mission-critical capability.

Solaris Cluster configurations on x4170, x4270, and x4275, along with the x6270, are now supported with the following Solaris Cluster releases and configurations: 

\* Solaris                    Solaris 10
\* Solaris Cluster         Solaris Cluster 3.2

\* 8-Node support
\* N\*N
\* 8-Node N+1
\* 8-Node Cluster Pairs \* 8 Node Pair + N
\* 8-Node Campus Cluster

Feel free to contact me or your sales representative for more detailed information!

Roger Autrand
Sr. Manager - Solaris Cluster 

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Comments ( 2 )
  • UX-admin Monday, May 11, 2009

    Why does Sun cluster have an eight-node limit?

    I've been trying to push Sun Cluster at my previous organization for years and would always get beaten sensless by the statement that Sun cluster had this limitation, whereas Veritas cluster didn't.

    Consequently, my attempts to introduce Sun Cluster were met with fierce resistance and were unsuccessful.

    Well, why exactly is that? Why is the reason for that limitation?

  • Roger Autrand Thursday, May 14, 2009

    Hi UX-Admin,

    In respect to maximum node count for Solaris Cluster, the product is able to scale up to 64 nodes. So we are definitely on par with other vendor products.

    So essentially we don't technically have an 8 node limit, it's just that we find most configurations fall into an 8 node or less requirement.

    If you have a specific configuration you'd like to see supported, please contact me, so that we can discuss the matter further.

    You can contact me at the following email address:


    Thank You


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