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Solaris CAT 5.2 Released

We're happy to announce the release of Solaris CAT 5.2.  It can be downloaded from the Sun Download Center.  Here's the release notes:


Solaris 2.6 Support

This version of Solaris CAT is the last release to support Solaris 2.6.
If you have systems running Solaris 2.6, please note that that release
reached it's end-of-service-life in July 2006. You should plan an upgrade soon.

New Commands


When a type is specified on the command line, it can include an optional
module to retrieve the type information from. If no module is specified,
the modules in the core are searched in order for the specified type.

This new command allows specifying a list of modules to be searched prior
to scanning the module. Modules are specified using a colon-separated

It can also be used to display the current list, or to clear it.

qlcfc fplog|ssfcplog

This new command dumps the qlc logs. If the fplog subcommand is specified,
the fp_logq is displayed. If the ssfcplog subcommand is specified, the
ssfcp_logq is displayed.


scat_version has been added so that the release/version of the
currently running Solaris CAT instance can be easily retrieved.

Interface Changes

dev id

This new subcommand was added to simplify decoding ddi_devid_t (impl_devid_t)
structures in the kernel and display the string representation of the


On a live system, the default is now to use the (possibly scaled) results of
gethrtime(). Additionally, under some circumstances, lbolt,
and lbolt64 are now inappropriate, and under those conditions, will
be disallowed. Using curtime is also now disallowed where the ct_curtime
field is not available in the callout_table structure.

tlist affinitiy <cpu>

This new subcommand of the tlist displays the threads that
have an affinity set for a CPU. If <cpu> is specified,
then only thread with affinity for the specified <cpu> are

scat_explore options

The scat_explore sub-command now accepts new options. Usage is:

scat --scat_explore [-v] [-a] [-d dest] [unix.N] [vmcore.]N


-v Verbose Mode: The command will print messages highlighting what it's doing.
-a Auto Mode: The command does not prompt for input from the user as it runs.
-d dest Instructs scat_explore to save it's output in the directory dest instead of the present working directory.
N The number of the crash dump. Specifying unix.N vmcore.N is optional and not required.

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