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Solaris 10 Patches Now On Monthly Release Cadence

Gerry Haskins
Director Security and Release Management

(Updated Nov 25, 2013)

We've recently moved to a monthly release cadence for Solaris 10 OS patches.

New Solaris 10 OS patches are now available from MOS by the Tuesday closest to 17th of each month. 

The updated Solaris 10 OS Recommended Patchset will be available by the next day, Wednesday, assuming there are new patches released which meet its inclusion criteria - that is, patches which address security or other critical issues.

This enables customers to predict patch release dates and schedule maintenance windows.

This is similar to the monthly release cadence for Solaris Repository Updates (SRUs) for Solaris 11.

Please note that the Solaris 10 OS Recommended Patchset may not be updated every month.  This is because in some months there may be no new patches meeting the inclusion criteria.  That is, patches which address security, availability, data corruption, or other critical issues.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Michael Gale Tuesday, September 17, 2013


    Thank you for this update.

    I feel that there should have been an update here in August since there clearly were patches released in August even if they didn't meet the criteria for updating the patch bundle.

    Frankly, you spoiled us. Back in 2011-2012 your postings were frequent, informative, interesting & entertaining. 2013 has been ...


    Please make friends with your Muse again.

    Thank you for all of the informative links & patch process updates.

  • guest Monday, November 25, 2013

    Hi Michael,

    Apologies if you feel I've gone off the boil with my blog postings in 2013.

    The main reason is my focus is now very much on Solaris 11 which I cover in a separate blog, blogs.oracle.com/Solaris11Life .

    SuperCluster is keeping me extremely busy as my team write the install and configuration utilities and the quarterly maintenance updates. Actually, I must blog about that, it's very interesting! I've had very few free cycles for blog postings - hence my 2 month delay in responding to your comment!

    Also, there's little new on the Solaris 10 side, so most future postings are likely to be on the blogs.oracle.com/Solaris11Life side (including SuperCluster postings).

    Best Wishes,


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