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Siebel Benchmark on SPARC T5

Giri Mandalika
Principal Software Engineer

Hardly six months after announcing Siebel benchmark results on Oracle SPARC T4 servers, we have a brand new set of Siebel benchmark results on Oracle SPARC T5 servers. There are no updates to the Siebel benchmark kit in the last couple years - so, we continued to use the Siebel benchmark workload to measure the performance of Siebel Financial Services Call Center and Order Management business transactions on the recently announced SPARC T5 servers.

Benchmark Details

The latest Siebel benchmark was executed on a mix of SPARC T5-2, SPARC T4-2 and SPARC T4-1 servers. The benchmark test simulated the actions of a large corporation with 40,000 concurrent active users. To date, this is the highest user count we achieved in a Siebel benchmark.

User Load Breakdown & Achieved Throughput

Siebel Application Module%Total Load#UsersBusiness Trx per Hour
Financial Services Call Center7028,000273,786
Order Management3012,00059,553
Total    10040,000333,339

Average Transaction Response Times for both Financial Services Call Center and Order Management transactions were under one second.

Software & Hardware Specification

 Test ComponentSoftwareVersionServer ModelServer QtyPer Server SpecificationOS
Chips Cores vCPUs CPU Speed CPU Type Memory
Application ServerSiebel8.1.1.4SPARC T5-222322563.6 GHzSPARC-T5512 GBSolaris 10 1/13 (S10U11)
Database ServerOracle 11g R211.2.0.2SPARC T4-212161282.85 GHzSPARC-T4256 GBSolaris 10 8/11 (S10U10)
Web ServeriPlanet Web Server7.0.9 (7 U9)SPARC T4-1118642.85 GHzSPARC-T4128 GBSolaris 10 8/11 (S10U10)
Load GeneratorOracle Application Test Suite9.21.0043SunFire X420012442.6 GHzAMD Opteron 285 SE16 GBWindows 2003 R2 SP2
Load Drivers (Agents)Oracle Application Test Suite9.21.0043SunFire X41708212122.93 GHzIntel Xeon X5670 48 GBWindows 2003 R2 SP2

Additional Notes:

  • Siebel Gateway Server was configured to run on one of the application server nodes
  • Four Siebel application servers were configured in the Siebel Enterprise to handle 40,000 concurrent users
    • - Each SPARC T5-2 was configured to run two Siebel application server instances
    • - Each of the Siebel application server instances on SPARC T5-2 servers were separated using Solaris virtualization technology, Zones
    • - 40,000 concurrent user sessions were load balanced across all four Siebel application server instances
  • Siebel database was hosted on a Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array consisting 80 x 24 GB flash modules (FMODs)
    • - Siebel benchmark workload is not I/O intensive and does not require flash storage for better I/O performance
  • Fourteen iPlanet Web Server virtual servers were configured with Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) plug-in to handle 40,000 concurrent user load
    • - All fourteen iPlanet Web Server instances forwarded HTTP requests from Siebel clients to all four Siebel application server instances in a round robin fashion
  • Oracle Application Test Suite (OATS) was stable and held up amazingly well over the entire duration of the test run.
  • The benchmark test results were validated and thoroughly audited by the Siebel benchmark and PSR teams
    • - Nothing new here. All Sun published Siebel benchmarks including the SPARC T4 one were properly audited before releasing those to the outside world

Resource Utilization

Component#UsersCPU%Memory Footprint
Gateway/Application Server20,00067.03205.54 GB
Application Server20,00066.09206.24 GB
Database Server40,00033.43108.72 GB
Web Server40,00029.4814.03 GB

Finally, how does this benchmark stack up against other published benchmarks? Short answer is "very well". Head over to the Oracle Siebel Benchmark White Papers webpage to do the comparison yourself.

[Credit to our hard working colleagues in SAE, Siebel PSR, benchmark and Oracle Platform Integration (OPI) teams. Special thanks to Sumti Jairath and Venkat Krishnaswamy for the last minute fire drill]

Copy of this blog post is also available at:

Siebel Benchmark on SPARC T5

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