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Serial Console with VirtualBox on Solaris host

Darren Moffat
Senior Software Architect

First make sure you have nc(1) available it is in the pkg:/network/netcat package.

Then configure COM1 serial port in the VM settings as a pipe.  Tell VirtualBox the name you want for the pipe and get it to create it.

You can also set up the serial port from the CLI using the VBoxManage command, here my VM is called "Solaris 11.1 Text Only".

$ VBoxManage modifyvm "Solaris 11.1 Text Only" --uart1 0x3F8 4 --uartmode1 server /tmp/solaris-11.1-console.pipe

Start up the VM and in a terminal window run nc and the ttya output of the VM will appear in the terminal window.

$ nc -U /tmp/solaris-11.1-console.pipe
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Comments ( 1 )
  • Carlos Azevedo Wednesday, May 21, 2014

    Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work anymore.

    I'm using VirtualBox 4.3.10.

    Both host and guest are Solaris 11.1 SRU 18.5.


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