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Reclaiming Ctrl+Space

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Let's play a little word association...

Keyboard Shortcut
Application Switcher
Close Window
Panel Menu
Input Method?

Input Method? Surely this is useful for some folks, but I would guess the majority of you to expect ctrl+space to be associated with code completion. My teammate Roman has already filed a defect for this, and I was happy to learn that it has already been addressed in the upcoming 2008.11 release.

For now, if you want to leave the Input Switcher enabled, but would prefer to use a different trigger key, you can simply delete (or change) the trigger key by going to System > Preferences > Input Methods. Select the Trigger Keys tab and remove the Ctrl+space trigger key:

Then click OK to close the dialog. You also need to restart the keymap service before the changes will take affect:

svcadm restart keymap 

Alternatively, if you never use the input switcher, you can disable it altogether. This will also eliminate that little flashing "en" window you see when you log into OpenSolaris :-).

On the General tab deselect "Enable Input Method" and set the Input Method status and switcher placement setting to None:

Congratulations, you've just reclaimed ctrl+space.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Nicolas Williams Friday, November 7, 2008

    ctrl+space is useful for input method selection, yes, but most often I just use compose key sequences (with sticky keys enabled that's just real easy to use). Incidentally, if you don't disable input methods but do reclaim ctrl+space, you can still use the compose key. The compose key on PC keyboards is the menu key.

  • Lawrence Sunday, June 7, 2009

    When I'm on windows live messenger if I press control + space it shuts it down for some reason. o.O

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