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Dave Miner
Sr. Principal Software Engineer
And now for my contribution to the blog universe. Where to start...

I've been at Sun for just shy of 15 years. In fact, just ordered my anniversary gift last night - a nice Seiko watch which I probably won't wear very often. I suffer(?) from a fairly low bling quotient.

My primary expertise is in networking protocols and system management. The most visible thing I've contributed to Solaris is the DHCP Manager GUI; the most recent, parts of the new SMF inetd(1M) implementation in Solaris 10. The oldest? Well, there's still some code in sysidtool(1M) of which I was the original author. Along the way, I also spent some time doing PC-NFS-related software, building a modestly successful but little-remembered product called SolarNet PC-Admin, from whence the Solaris DHCP server originated. Got to write some Windows GUI code for that product. I probably like GUI's more than your typical Solaris engineer ;-)

Nowadays I'm responsible for the Solaris network configuration protocols and services, and also the Solaris installation software. We're making plans for a lot of improvements in these areas, I expect I'll be able to write more about that in the not-too-distant future. Meantime I'll have some notes on DHCP or inetd to talk about; if you've got specific questions on either topic drop me a note here or post 'em on comp.unix.solaris orsolarisx86@yahoogroups.com, where I regularly answer questions.

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