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Packing up the office...

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

It's amazing how much junk piles up in three years - I feel like I'm shoveling it out by the ton as I pack up my office. I'm still not done, and the movers are showing up tomorrow afternoon to pick it all up to move to what will be my third office in a little over 5 years at Sun.

I started working at Sun at a small satellite campus in Menlo Park that was home to Sun's workstation business, including the "Power Client Desktop Software" group (CDE, X, & OpenWindows) that hired me. After two years there, a reorg moved the X group into an organization that went through many names, of which "User Experience Engineering" was probably most appropriate for the work we did (it also included Accessibility, Internationalization, Localization, Usability, and Documentation). As part of that we moved to the new building that was opened for the group at the new "Lincoln Tech Center" campus near the San Jose Airport. Unfortunately, while that campus seemed like a good idea when the tech boom was at full steam and Sun was hiring thousands of employees per year, by the time it was ready the bubble had burst, and only two of the four buildings were ever permanently occupied. A "For Sublease" sign appeared out front a little over a year ago, and came down recently when they announced the campus was closing and Sun would be moved out by the end of summer.

This came on the heels of yet another reorg, which moved the X group into the Operating Platforms Group with much of the core Solaris development groups, so our group is moving in with them on Sun's big Menlo Park campus, near the end of the Dumbarton Bridge. (The campus is occasionally lovingly known as "Sun Quentin" due to the similar placement and style of San Quentin near the end of the Richmond-San Rafael bridge at the other end of the bay.)

(Just for completeness, I suppose I should mention I also spent 8 months in 1995 working at SunService doing frontline Tech Support in a cube farm at Sun's original campus in Mountain View, which has long since closed down as Sun moved to the newer campuses in Menlo Park, Newark, and Santa Clara. I left when my contract expired to go back to Berkeley to finish my degree and then work for the University before returning to Sun 3 years later.)

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  • Eet Not Crang Saturday, July 3, 2004
    [Trackback] I read, with some amusement, the blogs of Alan CooperSmith and Rich Burridge about office moves. After quickly thinking about how many I've been involved in during my eight years at Sun - Ten moves, six buildings in three cities on one continent - ...
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