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Oracle Solaris in the Year 2011 - A Review

Guest Author

A lot happened in 2011. Both in general, and also specifically for Oracle Solaris. So, let's have a look back, and try to summarize the many news and developments for Solaris in 2011.

Already in September 2010, we publicly spoke about to deliver Oracle Solaris 11 in the year 2011. And we did !
We had a fantastic launch event and party in New York City, made the OS available for download, delivered tons of high-level and technical information and documentation, and many of our Solaris engineers blogged again.
In addition, new training and certification programs are available of course.

Throughout the year, on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, a lot of information was provided, and discussions were initiated.

We also provided extensive coverage at trade shows and conferences, mainly at Oracle OpenWorld and Usenix's LISA, and provided very detailed technical info on the way to Oracle Solaris 11.

As new hardware was introduced in 2011, and with many of our customers still having Solaris 10 deployed, we did provide an update for that.
Speaking of releases, the binary and source code compatibility guarantees have also been extended to Solaris 11.

Our friends in the Solaris related product teams also have been busy. Oracle Solaris Studio delivered a major new release, and so did Oracle Solaris Cluster. In addition, running Oracle Solaris in hypervisor based virtualized environments got even more efficient, both on x86 and SPARC platforms.

Many of our customers were very pleased with these recent developments, and have great things to say about Oracle Solaris.
And so do many of our partners.  Great new programs for our partners include the Oracle Solaris Remote Labs, Oracle Solaris Development Initiative, and Oracle Solaris Ready.

So with all this in mind, I do believe that the year 2012 will be another exciting one, for us in the different Oracle Solaris teams, and for you, who can take advantage of all the great features and innovations that our engineers constantly deliver.

A Very Happy New Year to all of you !

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