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OpenSolaris update to build 90

Dave Miner
Sr. Principal Software Engineer
Just noting that updated packages for snv_90 were pushed to the pkg.opensolaris.org repository over the weekend, see Alan's announcement for some very important instructions that need to be followed. Two things that I'll add:
  1. You should not use the Package Manager GUI to perform the update; instead use the pkg image-update command. The reason is that the GUI is not yet able to create an alternate boot environment for running the update, so you'll end up updating your running system and not have a clean fallback if something goes wrong. Yes, this will be fixed.
  2. We aren't yet publishing new ISO images, due to some fixes we need to make to the installer to synchronize with the ZFS boot project's integration. You wouldn't use those for updating from the 2008.05 bits anyway, so it's no real loss at the moment. We expect to resume publishing ISO's of every build via BitTorrent soon, possibly as soon as build 91.
Happy updating!

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Rohan Dhruva Saturday, June 21, 2008

    I hope new ISOs are published - right now when I try to update using that command, I get the entire package, and a hefty 1.8gb upgrade. It would be impossible to download so much on my 256kbps connection. It is far easier to download CD ISOs.

    I hope new ones are published soon :)


  • Dave Miner Monday, June 23, 2008

    Rohan: We will be making ISO's available again soon, but please note that, unlike Solaris, you won't be able to perform an update from them, only a complete re-installation. The update from 86 to 90 is large because it spans several builds, but most of the updates from one build to the next are in the 400-500 MB range, which will be much less than a CD.

  • Rohan Dhruva Monday, June 23, 2008

    Yes, but unfortunately I have no option - downloading 1gb will take too long, and I can't keep my laptop running that much :)

    Please post an update here, or on opensolaris.com when updated ISOs are released :) Any idea how soon will it be, approximately?

  • Sean Hassett Friday, June 27, 2008

    I wish I hadn't just let the packagemanager do its stuff last night and read this news first because now I'm screwed; I can't boot anymore and wondering if I can fix my installation or if I have to go back to an older backup. I know, I should have backed up before the upgrade. Anyone know if it's fixable?

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