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OpenSolaris Installation and Packaging

Dave Miner
Sr. Principal Software Engineer
I'm still not doing too well at blogging regularly. But at least I'm doing some other things that are worthwhile.

The OpenSolaris Installation and Packaging community is now on-line. Anyone who's been following opensolaris-discuss@opensolaris.org knows that packaging has been a steady topic of discussion over the past year; now we've got a community which I hope will be able to turn that clear interest into some code.

The companion piece to this community is the SVR4 Packaging project, which is devoted to the packaging tools we've all come to "love" over the years. The project is on-line, but the code isn't quite out yet, though I expect we'll be able to release it any day now, as the cleanup work was completed earlier this week. Once it's released, we can start turning all that "love" into real improvements in the technology.

Hope you'll come join the fun!

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