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New and improved docs.sun.com

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Congratulations to docs.sun.com.
At last ... this much maligned website has undergone some impressive improvements. The docs.sun.com Engineering team announced the following changes:
  1. Improved performance.
  2. Improved reliability and sustainability.
  3. Improved search.

Sun writers were invited to test the pilot version of docs.sun.com before it was released. I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of my search. I was also delighted with the results of my search. The new and improved search method is more in line with other search engines and provides more accurate results. For an example of search results, see Tech Dogg's Dox Tox.
Search Tips:
The docs.sun.com search now provides a list of all of the books in docs.sun.com
that match your search criteria. This can be frustrating if your search parameters are not precise enough. Here are some search tips:
The new docs.sun.com is fast, reliable, and accurate. Take it out for a test drive on the Solaris Cluster/Sun Cluster 3.2 documentation.
Rita McKissick
Sun Cluster Documentation

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Brian Keith Tuesday, August 28, 2007


    I'm sorry for your bad experience with docs.sun.com.

    I believe that the reason docs.sun.com got confused was because the search string that you provided contained "solaris" and "express". If you provide the search string "dynamic" and "tracing" and "guide", I believe that you'll see the list of documents you sought.

    However, I see your point that docs.sun.com should have at least placed equal weight to "dtrace" and to "solaris express" in your search string. As it stands now, it apparently gave too much weight to "solaris express" and not enough weight to "dtrace". We'll continue to improve docs.sun.com. Hopefully, you haven't completely given up on it.

  • Mads Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    I'll agree with the search being much less than what it could be. I has also gotten worse than it used to be - it is no longer possible to search inside a book or a collection as it used to be.

    Oh well, at least it doesn't suck as much as sunsolve - that site is crucial to customers and about as unstable as can be :(

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