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NetBeans & OpenSolaris ON consolidation

Darren Moffat
Senior Software Architect

I've never really been a serious IDE user, I look at various ones from time to time to get an idea of where they are going but they never seem to "work" for me. My development environment is lots of terminal windows, vim and cscope/ctags/grep. More recently I've been using OpenGrok} for the OpenSolaris consolidations via the web interface, I've also looked at the standalone version and build the 'database' for ON workspaces (it is surprisingly fast at this!). Given that I'm developing kernel modules or libraries a lot of the time, running stuff directly from the IDE just isn't a core requirement for me (it is often meaningless).

I don't do Java programming, for me it is pretty much all C, shell script and Makefiles.
I just keep getting this nagging feeling that I should be using NetBeans. Most of the time I'm working 'in' the OpenSolaris ON consolidation. This is a big single wad of code and I have no flexibility in using some IDE's idea of "projects" instead of the already existing Makefiles.

My requirements for a suitable IDE are as follows:

  • Have cscope or OpenGrok} equivalent functionality, basic Find just
    isn't useful.
  • Must understand Mercurial source code managment system.
    What this means for me is:
    • The ability to easily see what files I'm editing.
    • See diffs between current and parent.
    • Pull in updates from the parent and merge files in the IDE.
    • Set file commit comments.

  • Must do C syntax highlighting\*
  • Must have configurable C code layout so I can configure it
    for the ON consolidation sytle guide.\*
  • Ability to build sub directories that have their own Makefiles
  • This requires that I be able to set some environment variables
    for this to work for the ON consolidation Makefiles.
  • Must be able to deal with the size of the ON consolidation.

\* Sure these ones can be done using an external editor but I feel
that kind of defeats the whole point of using an IDE

Unfortunatley NetBeans 5.5 with the C/C++ pack just doesn't appear to be there
yet. Hopefully Mercurial support will come soon, but the real important thing
to make me switch to using an IDE would be having OpenGrok} (or functionally
equvialent) integrated.

So is there any hope for me getting productive with NetBeans any time soon ?

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Comments ( 2 )
  • a Wednesday, August 2, 2006
    I love netbeans (mostly a java guy), but I am finding that emacs / vi is proving to be more productive which seems to be opposite the trends these days of folks moving to ide's.
    Seems that those that are real good programmers tend to stay away from ide's because they just get in the way.
  • rayx Monday, August 7, 2006
    I wrote Java application for several years but didn't use any IDEs seriously at that time. One of the reasons was that key navigation in vi is much faster than in IDE. Is there any IDE which can provide vi-like editting functionality? I don't think so.
    On the other hand, some tasks is much easier in IDE than using vi. Sometime one needs to repeat typing commands again and again in CLI, while in IDE he can do that with a single click.
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