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Muting the Speakers

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Support for audio is always a bit different on each operating system I use, even when running on the exact same laptop. For example, with Windows Vista when I plug into the headphone jack the laptop's built-in speakers are automatically muted.  That is not the case with Ubuntu 8.04 or OpenSolaris 2008.05.

The audio chipset is an Intel 82801H and while I can get sound out of the speakers when running Ubuntu 8.04, I cannot seem to get the headphone jack to work.  :-/  With OpenSolaris 2008.05 I have had much better success.  The speakers work and so does the headphone jack.  But when I plug into the headphone jack the speakers are not automatically muted.

The fix is easy enough.  I right-click the volume control on the toolbar and select Open Volume Control:

 That brings up a dialog that shows that Line Out is on:

Turning Line Out off turns off the speakers. 

And there is also a command line utility in OpenSolaris that will accomplish the same thing: audioplay. It is similar (but not identical) to the play command from the sox package. The audioplay command has a -p option that allows you to specify headphone, speaker, or line.

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  • wayne Monday, January 26, 2009

    On my vostro 1500. The Volume Control menu is not working at all. First, I only have "Build-in Speaker" and "Line Out" on the menu. Second, the button does not do anything, no matter I turn it on or off, I still have voice from both of the speaker and headphone.

    I had tried OpenSolaris 0508 and 1108, and both has the same result.

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