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Just like running Windows

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

I'm in Ottawa for the 2006 Desktop Developer's Conference. I got here last night, about 3 hours later than originally planned - the first time our plane pulled out of the gate in Chicago they noticed a big crack in a tire on the front of the plane that they couldn't see during the pre-flight check because it was on the part of the tire touching the ground. A quick return to the gate was called for, and we sat on the plane for about 15 minutes while they jacked up the front and popped on a spare.

Our second try at takeoff we made it all the way out to the taxiway and were next in line for takeoff, but then sat and sat. Eventually the pilot got on the intercom and said that due to the previous plane “using too much power” our plane's on-board computer was malfunctioning. (I'm not quite sure how that happens - was everyone on the other plane pointing their portable electronic devices at us?) Another trip back to the gate so the maintenance crew could get on board and scratch their heads over it. One of them must have been an MCSE, because the next announcement was that they were going to try to fix the computer by power cycling it. And since it was so integrated into the plane, that meant shutting down the power to the entire aircraft, leaving us in the dark for a couple of minutes and then booting the plane back up.

Fortunately, the reboot fixed the problem, and the third time we left the gate we finally got to take off.

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