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IFS Demonstrates Performant End-to-End Encryption on SPARC With Oracle TDE

Eric Reid
Principal Software Engineer

Recent test results from global Enterprise Software provider IFS show excellent performance and scalability on SPARC and Solaris. One of the many compelling takeaways noted centered around the solid performance of their Database Tier using full data encryption.

End-to-end encryption of relational data in today's high-end RDBMSs often exacts a significant performance penalty at scale. In this case, however, IFS and Oracle demonstrated a negligible performance impact, and this can be directly attributed to the combination of Oracle Transactional Data Encryption (TDE) and SPARC Software in Silicon:

  • TDE, available in several of the most recent generations of Oracle's flagship Database product, allows user data to be encrypted 'at rest', free from 'prying eyes' elsewhere in the system.
  • Hardware-accelerated encryption, available in SPARC processors for several years, allows for data encryption at hardware speeds, with little throughput loss at scale. Now part of the wider umbrella of SPARC "Software in Silicon" features, the hardware encryption on SPARC S7 features the strongest set of ciphers to date, as well as one dedicated hardware cryptographic unit per SPARC core.

Oracle TDE automatically makes use of SPARC hardware encryption when  discovered  in the underlying hardware. As we tend to say a bit too much, "it just works." Moreover, it works well, and it works fast! In initial microbenchmarks, TDE on SPARC M7 and S7 showed less than a 2% performance difference between unencrypted and fully encrypted use cases.

Oracle and IFS tested IFS Applications 9 on a setup that included a SPARC S7-2L server running the database tier (Oracle Database 12.1). The exact same tests were run with and without TDE, to compare throughput and response time in unencrypted and fully-encrypted scenarios.

And the results? As expected, the performance difference were quite small, as can be seen in the TPS and Response Time graphs below (red=w/TDE, blue=no encryption). 





















Compelling price-performance with IFS, SPARC S7, Solaris and Oracle TDE. Please ask your IFS representative for more information about these tests and the other benefits of this platform combination.

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